A gentle 'wai' and sawasdee khaa. Welcome to the City of Angels!

…The bustling capital city of perennial travel favorite Thailand, Bangkok has it all. You want Michelin-level street food? Check out Yaowarat Road. You want peace, nature and tranquility? Grab a bike in Bangkrachao. You want parties and nightlife? Head to Soi 11 on Sukhumvit Road or checkout the so-called Night Train Market on Ratchadaphiset. More of a culture and history buff? It oftens seems like there are more temples and shrines in Bangkok than there are stars in the sky.

So let us know how we can help.Our Bangkok Travel Advisors are here to share their knowledge and inspiration with you. Send us an e-mail, chat with us on our website or come visit us in person and we'll be happy to put you on the right track to make the most of your time (and money.)

Bangkok Travel Center

Martin, Head of Travel Center

"…I love to discover Bangkok’s food scene, there’s something new popping up every week! Also the bar, club & art scene is in steady movement. Bangkok is a hub for fashion in Asia."

I arrived in Thailand the first time in 2009. I came with no expectations and no overall plan. The country and its people welcomed me with arms wide open and showed me the beauty of another culture. Not a big traveler back than, this was a major turning point in my life and i decided to move here and have stayed ever since. I have traveled all over South East Asia and had a lot of great experiences. With this knowledge i now inspire other travelers on their journey with the everlasting enthusiasm that travel lets you grow as a person and helps you differentiate between what is important in life (and what is not).

My favorite place has to be Laos – the unspoiled nature & people, no 7/11 on every corner, all is laid-back, food is amazing, breathtaking-landscapes for all and always something new to discover!

When you talk to people about Bangkok you will soon realize that everyone has their own Bangkok. It is a city full of hearts and souls, multilayered & versatile. Listen to these storyies and start to explore yourself your very own Bangkok.

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