We believe in Your Freedom

Does our Asia, our ideas and philosophy fit yours? Read on and find out if we may be what you are looking for...

We believe in your freedom to roam, and your freedom to choose.

That’s why our tours are not long prefixed itineraries, but mostly shorter experiences that can either be combined, or experienced individually. So choose few or choose more, or use our customization service to get our suggestion as to how to customize a trip that suits you best.

Our concept of freedom only works if we fit in your plans. Most of our adventures can therefore depart with a minimum of 2 persons only, and only a few tours have fixed departures. Check the description box in each of our tours for full insight.

Not only do we believe in your freedom. We believe in Service, Adventure and Curiosity.

So find your inner explorer and trail our site to find inspiration to your next adventure.

Do we fit your dreams? Then Go Beyond the ordinary

We are looking forward to having you roam our Asia.

Søren Sattrup

Chief Exploration Officer, Go Beyond • Asia