We deliver quality tours and services...

We provide high quality in both our experiences and customer service. Our quality is something travellers can count on, and that we are proud of.

Quality at the heart of our service

At Go Beyond we only take our travellers on high quality adventures. We ensure this by handpicking and experiencing all of our tours first-hand.

As a traveller, you will discover this quality whenever you interact with any part of Go Beyond. We take our travellers to places less known but always with a high adventure quality. But we only offer experiences that we can personally recommend, this means that there are some places we do not take our travellers.

Even though we never compromise on quality, we still work in a price conscious way, always aiming to give our travellers the most value for their money.

We ensure quality

At Go Beyond we do not rely on the past. We are always trying to improve ourselves and take a forward-thinking approach, and we often send our own representatives out to test and verify experiences and tours.

We are always open to hear feedback from our travellers, which means we have the flexibility to change tours and itineraries to make them even better.

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