We care about our surroundings...

We act with a social, environmental and economic responsibility. That means doing what we can for the environment and local welfare. Our goal is to leave the world a little better and a litter kinder...

We take responsibility

At Go Beyond, our travellers are our raison d'être. The most important thing to us. Every element of each itinerary is created with our travellers’ safety and wellbeing in mind.

At the same time, the places where we explore and discover together are also the places locals call home and the places that we love to visit. It is our duty to take care of these surroundings and respect the local environment.

How we take responsibility

Your safety

We are constantly improving standards for our own performances and for our suppliers. We educate all of our staff and guides in security and we are always looking for ways in which we can improve.

Our surroundings

Each day we take responsibility for our environment and those around us. Even though we try to leave nothing but a light footprint, we are aware that sometimes we have a greater impact as do many other companies. We are working towards making our presence here on earth as sustainable as possible.

How we pass on responsibility

At Go Beyond we are always open to advice on how we can leave fewer marks on this world. We are constantly learning more about how we (along with our suppliers) can do more to reduce our footprint, but we are also trying to make our travellers more aware of how they can leave fewer marks behind.

We to do this on our tours, where we often have only a few participants, making it possible for guides to discuss our environmental and social responsibilities as well as show how to implement them.

In most cases, our travellers can get closer to their surroundings, interacting with locals and venturing into spots that larger groups can’t access. Here, sustainability and the valued close contact go hand-in-hand. At Go Beyond we hope that this closeness ignites something in the traveller, providing insight or some kind of education, resulting in a wider perspective and greater respect.

You can find out more about our sustainability efforts here.

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