We focus on the traveller in everything we do...

From every corner of our company, we strive to give the traveller the best possible experience. We offer a service that we would be happy to receive ourselves.

At your service

At Go Beyond we want to give our travellers, the best possible service. Travellers who are shy, curious, nervous or inspired.

We serve travellers who simply need our help with travel inspiration before jumping on local transport and exploring on their own. And those who want to experience one of our guided tours, or perhaps help you create a tailored tapestry of adventures. We also serve travellers who have booked a Go Beyond experiences with one of our valued agents in Asia or abroad, who seek fresh insight and ideas.

On the spot service

We serve our travellers via email, telephone and the contact form below. But we are also on location, providing travellers the opportunity to talk to us in person at one of our unique Travel Service Centres.

In all of our Travel Service Centres you will meet experienced Travel Service Guides who are well travelled and ready to help. They are trained continuously to ask the right questions, listen to traveller feedback and gain a solid understanding of your needs.

This means our Travel Service Guides can offer great advice and travel ideas that will reflect your travel goals.

You can meet our Traveller Service Guides in one of our Traveller Service Centres, which are located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Delhi, Kathmandu, Hanoi and Beijing.

What our service means for you

At Go Beyond we make things more convenient for you and take care of the practicalities. So while you explore the streets, we can map out your onwards arrangements - hotels, bus and train tickets, tours etc.

We can book your jungle adventure, tranquil mountain escape, diving experience in the South Sea, yoga class and just about anything else you have in mind. If you do not plan on buying a tour, but need some crisp insider information from our expert staff in the Travel Service Centre, we are happy to give you this for free.

And this is not our only complimentary service. For example, we always give travellers who stays with us a free Info Package including maps, short and long-term luggage storage and a modern comfort zone in the middle of the city.

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