Go Beyond Signatured Hotels, handpicked by critical Go Beyond staff

We don't want many hotels. We want the RIGHT hotels!

...A Beyond Signature experience ensures you the best accommodation choice at a given destination based on your travel situation and preference. In other words, we guarantee that the guesthouses and hotels live up to certain criteria with defined brackets – so that you only have to focus on exploring.

What ties the concept together is the handpicked offerings by critical Go Beyond staff with a flair for unique ambience, locations, good prices and comfortable stays. Not least; exceptional places that have added that extra spice to make it a truly memorable experience in its own right.

And since we only want to offer the best of the best, we do not offer hotels we haven’t ourselves been, nor are in line with the Beyond Signature concept. Therefore, there may be destinations and locations where we do not have any hotels options and may have to look elsewhere. This is your guarantee that what we offer and what you book is a true Go Beyond experience and not a random shot in the forest. They are by all means, a safe bet for travellers when you follow your need.

What makes it a Go Beyond Signature Hotel?

A place that corresponds with a number of unique points:

  • Certain level of service – welcoming, trustworthy and professional
  • A position that gives you a reason to visit – proximity and/or cool, ambient area
  • A good reputation – therefore, preferably established for a couple of years
  • An atmosphere and travel vibe that you carry with you as a memory once you leave
  • Value for money

Which type of accommodation should you go for?

To make it easy for you to choose the acoommodation that fits you, we have separated all hotels into 4 categories:

Read the text below to find out which category you should go for. Then look for the stamp at each Go Beyond Signatured Hotel.

This is your fast-track to finding the right hotel for you

* BACKPACK’IT means budget accommodation and preferably a backpacker travellers’ vibe catering for easy-going travellers that are attended to in a professional yet laid-back way
* KEY WORDS: Good price, traveller’s vibe & backpacker ambience

Backpack’it places are named so in order to signal the backpacker affiliation that Go Beyond has. These are not limited by their connotation of being a guesthouse, hostel or hotel, but by their focus on and catering for backpackers. That is most often non-air-con rooms, possibly dorm beds and rarely amenities like fridge or swimming pool. Backpack’it places may vary still, but it is generally understood that Backpack’it places are the cheapest available – even cheaper than budget hotels in the traditional term. Backpack’it places come in the 5-30 USD price bracket.

* COMFORT is for travellers, who needs more than a bed to sleep in and are willing to pay a bit extra for comfortable, modern amenities – while still keeping an eye on the price
* KEY WORDS: Modern amenities, yet with character and soul. Value for money and uniqueness such as location, ambience, price etc.

Comfort hotels cover both upgraded budget hotels and standard hotels and will come in many outfits. Still, it will not compromise on the service offered nor available amenities and facilities. This category is, as the name suggests, for the comfortable travellers, who wants more than a simple place to crash, but require a nice room, aircon, clean showers, preferably breakfast included, a good location and perhaps even a swimming pool (depending on the destination). A comfort hotel is most often also a place where service is laid back, yet professional, and more efficient than at Backpackit hotels. Finally a comfort hotel may also be a family-run place with an ambience that is especially welcoming and open hearted. Hotels normally fall within the price range 30-50 USD.

* FAMILY can accommodate a family of at least four not just because they have an extra room, but because they want families to visit their hotel
* KEY WORDS: 2 adults+3 kids, family facilities, amenities & expertise, preferably terrace/balcony

Family hotels are naturally catering in some way or another to families. Often this will mean family-sized rooms or the possibility of having adjoining rooms with connecting doors. Furthermore, we prefer to have rooms with balconies so the parents can enjoy their evening outside after the children has been put to sleep. Family hotels should also be specifically welcoming to families. It is important that Beyond Family hotels can accommodate the typical Scandinavian family (of two adults and two to three kids). Family hotels will usually start at 50 USD mainly because family-sized rooms tend to be more expensive (or two adjoining rooms are necessary). Family hotels usually will have staff that is much welcoming towards families. They may also offer a playground or children-related activities. Room size and design is however the most important aspect.

* BEYOND ORDINARY makes you feel as if you have had an experience, not just a bed and a reception, while staying at these places.
* KEY WORDS: Focus on experience – not price as embraces both the charming cheap and extraordinary expensive. Has that very special touch that sets it miles beyond the ordinary

In the Beyond Ordinary category we are not constrained by prices, but solely focus on the unique character, the extraordinary ambience and the unforgettable experience. Beyond Ordinary hotels give travellers a stay beyond the ordinary and embrace everything from a treetop homestay to a boutique city hotel, a palace in the desert to a historically important hotel, from a 5-star luxury resort to a hotel with a certain identity (i.e. artsy hotel, house boat, mountain lodge or a family-run affair). Beyond Ordinary hotels should offer the (near perfect) blend of courteous yet very professional service and rooms with an extra touch i.e. the interior design, the view from all rooms or a library on site. Beyond Ordinary hotels are often situated in special locations, which by the way is part of the identity. This category represents the biggest challenge simply because of the variation in style and price range. Therefore, no price range is set for this category simply because unique experiences are worth every penny – regardless of the amount!

As a final note – for tours we will normally limit the offering to two choices: Backpack’it and Comfort. These refer only to the choice of accommodation and/or transport and not to the experiences that are at the core of the tours. In rare occasions we may use the Beyond Ordinary category also, e.g. when offering palaces on the Rajasthan tour.

With the Signature Concept, we aim to help you find the right place to stay. So your bed becomes more than a place to sleep, but the accommodation an experience in its own right.