Luang Prabang & Outskirts

Sundowner on the wooden terraces above the mighty Mekong River. She flows gentle through dense forest and green rice paddies, carrying a fragile red and orange slow boat packed with monks, travelers and goods all the way from Pak Beng. In the monastery on the other side of the river, young monks play on the brinks. It is slow here. And it perfectly makes sense.

Whush whush whush…the sound of beating wings. Above in the last evening light two beautiful hornbills head for fruit trees beyond. Luang Prabang is among 5 top traveler’s favorite hangouts in Asia. Here, positioned on a ness with rivers on both sides of the town, ambience is laid back, quietness prevails, and most travelers stay for a few nights before they head on. Wake at dawn and see rows of monks collecting food and gifts from lovers and believers.

Luang Prabang is the old capital of Laos, situated in the central hills. From here you can explore remote villages on mountain bike, stay in simple homestays sleeping right on the floor, bath in waterfalls. People here are curious, yet proud of whom they are, poor yet living a place of beauty Some-where they speak English, somewhere they don’t. Mostly it does not matter. You feel welcome and taken care of. From Luang Prabang, you can also head on your own, straight east towards Vietnam. It gets remote, even slower, but rewarding.

Tours in Luang Prabang


Luang Prabang Adventure - 5 Days

North LaosFrom THB 14,000.00


Laos Explorer - 13 - 14 Days

Laos OverlandFrom THB 40,200.00


Triple V Adventure from Vientiane - 8 Days

Central LaosFrom THB 27,500.00


Triple V Adventure from Luang Prabang - 7 - 8...

Central LaosFrom THB 26,800.00