Halong Bay

A mist that slowly evaporates as the sun gains power. And then we see them out there in the horizon. The rocks, lots of them, in all shapes and forms, with boats navigating in and out. And when the day ends. A quiet night with billions of stars above. Squids attracted by the light In the waters below. Stories told on the upper deck before the beds calls. Waves gently rolling .

Halong Bay lies 4 hours driving East of Hanoi. Today up to 300 boats ply the waters of the Halong Bay every day. In 1990 there were only 3. Since then, some beautiful dreamy love films have been seen by millions of people around the world, Halong bay became the first Unesco world heritage site, and together with its pure beauty and stories told from traveler to traveler, Halong Bay became a legend.

There a few places where the boats can anchor, but we have found a fine way to create a signature adventure, that takes you off the beaten track in Halong Bay, to explore more of the many hundreds islands and bays the area offer both by boat and in kayaks.

We have named it Halong Bay Explorer. Combine it with an outstanding homestay, to get a touch of a village, and daily life in Vietnam or a Land cruiser tour in North East.

Here we have 4 seasons, so from January to March when it is winter, you should expect the water to be a bit too chilly for long swims. That said it is still a very beautiful time to visit.

Tours in Halong Bay


Comfort Bai Tu Long Bay Explorer (2 Days)

Hanoi (Vietnam)From USD 202.00


Comfort Bai Tu Long Bay Explorer (3 Days)

The Northern Coast (Vietnam)From USD 315.00


Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay Explorer (3 Days)

Hanoi, Halong Bay, Lan Ha BayFrom USD 211.00


Halong Bay & Homestay Adventure (3 Days)

Hanoi And AroundFrom USD 242.00


Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island Experience (2 Days)

Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha BayFrom USD 125.00


Quan Lan Island (4 Days)

Halong BayFrom USD 376.00


Northeast Vietnam Land Cruiser (7 Days)

Northeast VietnamFrom USD 576.00


Hanoi Northern Coast Explorer (5 Days)

Northeast VietnamFrom USD 466.00

Accommodation in Halong Bay


Saigon Halong Hotel

Halong BayFrom USD 29.00


Golden Halong Hotel

Halong BayFrom 2,100.00

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