Tours in India


Backpacker Best of Delhi (4 Days)

DelhiFrom INR 7,620.00


Comfort Contrasts of Rajasthan (12 Days)

RajasthanFrom INR 116,609.00


Chandertal Base of Deo Tibba Trek - 5 Days

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 19,274.00


Rafting Tour in Rishikesh - 4 Days

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 20,000.00


Cycle Tour - Shahjahan Route - 1 Day

DelhiFrom INR 2,670.00


Breathtaking Backwater - 2 Days

KeralaFrom INR 8,091.00

Hotels in India


Hotel Lotus

LehFrom INR 7,080.00


Hotel Godwin

MumbaiFrom INR 11,538.00


Hotel Le Benz

DelhiFrom INR 1,270.00


Le Roi Hotel

DelhiFrom INR 2,130.00


Jigmet Guest House

LehFrom INR 2,842.00


Guest House Hotel in Delhi

DelhiFrom INR 2,090.00

Urban Arrival in India

India Beyond Imagination

A boy selling steaming tea, eggs and Indian Vogue at a station. He hands it in through the window and the train slowly climbs into the Himalayas. An open-air barbershop in a crowded street next to a holy cow. People everywhere. A road trip through Rajasthan to cities that colors the night. And a bicycle trip through Mumbai as the city slowly comes to life. At Go Beyond Asia we have for more than 20 years inspired travelers to choose roads less traveled in India.

Have you seen the film Darjeeling Limited for a sense of India? Seen a Bollywood movie?

If not, then you have something to look forward to. And if you already have, then you get the beat.

India is a world in itself

Or rather many worlds in one. Many languages, dialects, religions, and vast distances. And the geographical universes are many too, from the Tibetan landscape in Ladakh, through the Himalayas, to the Rajasthan desert, and the evergreen province of Kerala in the south.

Nobody forgets a visit to India. All senses are ignited here, the colours, the smells, the weirdness, the fine tastes, and the unexpectedness. Poor people. Super rich people. Abundant wildlife. People everywhere.

India is a world in itself, and you better not see it in one go. Therefore, it is also a place where many travelers return to again and again.

So you have to make a choice, not to end up in a constant transportation flow.

Limit yourself, so time fits your travel plans.

Delhi, India’s capital, is even a world in itself

70% of all travelers arrive in Delhi from overseas. Most travelers arriving In Delhi gets a shock. The heat, the abundance of people, the close encounter with people who want to sell something, invite you home, befriend you. Get to know you.

That’s why we have created our arrival packages. To secure travelers a soft landing, at an affordable price.

That’s why we have placed our service office in Delhi in Paharganj, where most budget travelers are staying.

That’s why we have created a number of urban explorations in Delhi: To give you the insight, the understanding of the odd things and the street credibility.

So that afterwards, you can navigate India yourself.

Explore India now.

It is worth every rupee.

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