Tours in Thailand


Backpacker Umphang Trek (6 Days)

Central PlainsFrom THB 11,475.00


Happy Elephant Care (Full Day)

Chiang MaiFrom THB 2,400.00


Backpacker Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang Road &...

The North (Thailand) From THB 3,900.00


Private Chiang Mai Real Jungle Trek (3 Days)

The North (Thailand)From THB 5,890.00


Sai Yok Camping Adventure (3 Days)

The Central Plains (Thailand)From THB 9,900.00


Accommodation in Thailand


Koh Kood Beach Resort

Koh KoodFrom THB 3,500.00


Phra Nang Inn

KrabiFrom THB 2,800.00


Prince Theatre Heritage Stay

BangkokFrom THB 820.00


Chamberlain Hostel

Bangkok  From THB 550.00


Lazy Days Samui Beach Resort

Koh SamuiFrom THB 3,400.00


Peter Pan Resort

TradFrom THB 4,900.00


Nana Beach Resort

ChumphonFrom THB 1,750.00


Ramayana Koh Chang Resort & Spa

Koh ChangFrom THB 2,300.00

Urban Arrival Packages in Thailand

Thailand for the Senses

Fresh Mango juice with mint leaves served at a lazy, lonely beach. A boat trip on a lake, hidden deep in the mountains. Your taxi driver's lucky Buddha amulets dangles in the window. A sleepy border town inviting you for a game of pool before you cross into unknown land. At Go Beyond we have for more than 20 years inspired travellers to choose roads less travelled in Thailand.

Why not let your senses lead the way

When the sun sets, mobile street-kitchen and thousand of red and green and yellow plastic chairs appears on strategic corners, under trees with large canopies and on beaches all over Thailand. Though they are taken down and set up every day, most of them have been in operation for many years, every day, in the same location.

Steaming Tom Yam Kung, Khao Pad Gai with freshly squeezed lime and crushed peanuts, snacks in all colors and sizes. Pick out a place with a huge thai audience. Then you are sure this is a fine cuisine.

Thailand is still THE gateway to Southeast Asia and Indochina.
And though there are more travelers than ever before, there are still abundant of roads less travelled. To the border area of Sangklaburi, up the Burma border from Mae Sot to Pai and Chiangmai, deep into Isaan province or the southern most Islands in Satun Province.

Our Guesthouse in Urban Bangkok

20 years ago we wanted to place our service office in Bangkok to a place near China town and the Chao Phraya river. We wished to be in a local neighborhood, where people were living. The River is the perfect gateway to the city and its old quarters around the River. From the river You can see the high rises, and taking the River boat you not only gets transportation but a fine breeze and an ever changing experience when you flow down the river. China town, is colourful, lively, bustling with the finest small shops, old cinemas, amulet sellers, high quality street food, karaoke bars. You name it.

One day we found the New Road building. It was an old building and not flashy at all. But we liked its location close to the River, not too far from China town and with easy access to other areas in the city. And so it became our home away from home for travelers who are keen on exploring Bangkok and beyond.

Go explore New Road Guest House.

Our Floating Hideaway

Close to the Burma border, in the middle of lush mountainous tropical forest is a lake. A lake with floating islands of water lilies, submerged Mon temples, hunting eagles and foraging horn bills, fishermen in fragile canoes, stunning cliffs with monkeys and flushing waterfalls. The Lake House is our floating hideaway, where you can stay in comfort in the middle of remoteness.

Everyday we anchor a new place. Every day our guide brings you on new adventures. Every night and day our staff will make you feel comfortable, in their own, personalized way. A Lake House adventure serves you a balanced mix of explorations and time to be laid back.

Read more about the Lake House Adventure.

Our Beach Getaway

Many years ago we were in search of our own cove to built a beach hideaway. So we embarked on boat trips along the Thai coasts in search of a spot we loved.

We were looking for an island with local ambiance with a laid back vibe, a perfect hangout for travellers. One day we found the perfect spot on the remote and tranquil island of Koh Kood. Koh Kood is easier to get to today, but it is still tranquil and a laid back island with small dusty villages.

Koh Kood Beach Resort is the name of our hideaway. So if you are looking for a laid back luxurious feel with a fine cuisine, lush tropical surroundings, and an infinity pool on an island off the beaten track, then Koh Kood Beach Resort is the place for you.

Go explore Koh Kood Beach Resort.

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