Goa Beachlife

Goa - A myth, A place, A hideout. Known for free life, hippies and hangout in hammocks for weeks. Today Goa is still THE beach destination in India, but it is a complex reality of yoga retreats, beach boys, low-key guesthouses, delicate boutique places, and India middleclass mainstream. Yes, Goa was popular for ages and now revitalize amongst urban Indians too.

Goa is not an adventure destination. It’s a beach place, a laid back timeout where travellers go to relax or get a break from ever boiling, lively persistent India around.

And lets be honest. Goa beaches are not at level with secluded aquamarine Thai beaches. But what the beach lacks in fine sand, and crystal clear water, it then has in ambience, feel and the fact, that when you are in India, already, there is no reason to leave for South East Asia for beach life. As such Goa is still a worthy break.

Goa is not one beach. It is quite a big province, smaller than Portugal for comparison, but still many hundred kilometers from north to south. The most famous beach places are Calangute, Baga and Anjuna in north and Colva and Palolem in the south. Most people arrive to Goa, in the central Goa with either train, flight or bus. To make the approach easy we recommend an arrival package in central Goa, before slipping north or south. Go Beyond can help you with accommodation, A yoga retreat, and transportation around and beyond.

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