Rajasthan and Jaipur

Early morning sun rays playing in the sand. Young lively bikers, on the way to school on their pigeon bikes and dressed in crisp uniforms. Slow, yet mesmerizing, camels ride in Jaisalmer. Stories of past times opulence, and style. Stories of love and wars. Your own car and time to explore. Go Beyond the ordinary. Into the desert of Rajasthan.

The quietness and mono-color of the Rajasthan desert, and then the sudden appearance of vibrant cities like Jaipur and Jodhpur with their pink or blue palette and grandeur of maharaja palaces is custom made for exploration.

Jaisalmer, home of the camel safaris, is clad in warm desert colors. Or Udaipur the city of lakes and Palaces. However, no matter what town you arrive in here, it appears lively, colorful and flamboyant after a few hours driving through deserted landscape.

In Rajasthan our most used concept are based on having your private car and driver. Stop where you want, be flexible, yet still there is a route, all is booked, and you are free to lean back and experience.

Tours in Rajasthan


Rajasthan Retreat - 13 Days

RajasthanFrom INR 33,636.00


Contrasts of Rajasthan - 12 Days

RajasthanFrom INR 37,034.00


Classic Rajasthan Tour - 10 Days

RajasthanFrom INR 27,273.00


Golden Triangle Trip - 4 Days

Agra & Jaipur, DelhiFrom INR 11,018.00


Rajasthan to Himalayas Tour - 18 Days

India OverlandFrom INR 82,727.00


Capital Cities with Taj - 7 Days

Agra & Jaipur, DelhiFrom INR 16,527.00