Urban Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Cool, with enormous boulevards and traffic congestion, Saigon is a true metropolis. It is a business hub true, but it also has its slow quarters, and local ambience. Hang out in one its fine coffee shops, dine in style and explore a city that is worth a longer stay than just a fast night.

Saigon it self feels more cooperate, more business driven, more western in someways, than Hanoi. Saigon is not the capital any longer, Hanoi took over after the reunion in 1975, but it is bigger than Hanoi in population and size, and its manners is that of a capital still.

What is has in cooler attitude, it somehow lacks in charm, compared with Hanois old colonial ambience. For that reason Saigon for most travelers is mostly a gateway, either to the Cu Chi Tunnels, The Mekong Delta, going north, or for those longing for the beach, and a trip out to PhuQouc Island.Here the War is still a part of the attractions for travelers, which is much less the case in Hanoi and the north.

In Saigon you find exclusive high end shopping, high-end restaurants serving international cuisine, but naturally also a high quality vietnamese kitchen to explore. Treat your self with an arrival package to have an easy landing.

Tours in Saigon


Morning Saigon scooter Tour

Ho Chi Minh CityFrom USD 68.00


Evening Saigon Scooter Tour

Ho Chi Minh CityFrom USD 74.00


Jeep Tour Saigon-Dalat 4 Days

Saigon, Dong Xoai, Bao Loc, Di Linh, DalatFrom USD 408.00


Jeep Tour Dalat-Saigon 4 Days

Dalat, Di Linh, Bao Loc, Dong Xoai, SaigonFrom USD 408.00


Dalat to Saigon Easy Rider - 6 Days

Southern VietnamFrom USD 552.00


Cu Chi-Mekong & Phu Quoc - 6 Days

South VietnamFrom USD 596.00


Vietnam Discovery - Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh (14...

Vietnam OverlandFrom USD 1,365.00


Vietnam North to South Classic - Hanoi to Ho...

Vietnam OverlandFrom USD 1,647.00

Urban Arrival Packages in Saigon


Arrival Package – Duc Vuong Hotel – Family

Ho Chi Minh City<br/>From USD 192.00


Arrival Package - Saigon Odyssey Hotel

Ho Chi Minh City<br/>From USD 131.00


Saigon Urban Package 3 Days

Ho Chi Minh CityFrom USD 258.00


Connect & Stay - Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh Cit...

Vietnam OverlandFrom USD 174.00


Saigon Urban - 4 Days

Ho Chi Minh CityFrom USD 305.00

Accommodation in Saigon


Alagon Western Hotel

VietnamFrom USD 79.00


Saigon Odyssey Hotel

Ho Chi Minh CityFrom USD 46.00