A road heading out of Tibets snow covered mountains. Passing isolated monasteries with yellow hat monks. Following a river that becomes the mighty Mekong, right into green valleys with bustling towns packed with curious chinese travelers. Shangri La. Lijiing. Tiger Leaping Gorge. Dali. Kunming. A taste of China today, a touch of Tibet, and a twist of Indochina. Its time for a Yunnan odyssey.

Yunnan – Off the beaten Track for Western Travellers

Since western explorers 100 years ago praised Yunnan for its vast beauty, quite few western travellers have been here. Chinese travellers though, both individual explorative souls and group travellers are now in great numbers exploring this fine far-southern Chinese province.

Explore Yunnan’s prime places

The capital, Kunming is the prime gateway for arrival here. But the prime places for experiences are further to the north:


...with its delicate teashops, exquisite restaurants, compact cobblestone streets and multi colored Chinese travellers hanging out at teashops or in cosy guesthouses


...with its quirky old town, ethnic diversity and music parlors, is gate to trekking in the rocky wild beauty of the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Shangri La

...further north, right at the doorstep of the Tibetan landscape host some fine trekking possibilities too, and the perfect option to visit Tibet landscape and culture without having to have a permit for Tibet.

Connect Yunnan and make a fine travel route

We have created a number of urban and outskirt adventures that combine these fine places – to create a 7, 10, 12 or 15 days adventures in an area that is perfectly stitched together. Some of the finest Yunnan has to offer with quite easy access.

Just take a sneak peak below or visualise them connected on our Yunnan Map.

When should you visit Yunnan?

Yunnan can be a year round destination due to its diversity. But spring and summer is regarded the best periods for all areas mentioned above.

Go Beyond borders

Yunnan is certainly in China but with more ethnic groups than anywhere else in this vast country the feel is multicultural In the Deep South, Yunnan borders to Laos and Burma. Connect your trip in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand or Burma, with Yunnan. We suggest you and your customers explore Yunnan as part of a South East Asia trip.

More and more flights connect into Yunnan from South East Asia. The capital, Kunming is the prime gateway for flights into Yunnan.

So wether you choose just a couple of stops in Yunnan, to do the full circle or even to go across borders, NOW is the time to explore Yunnan. To Go Beyond the ordinary

Tours in Yunnan


Best of Dali (4 Days)

YunnanFrom CNY 1,418.00


Best of Shangri-La (4 Days)

YunnanFrom CNY 1,222.00


Best of Lijiang (4 Days)

YunnanFrom CNY 1,269.00


Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek (2 Days)

YunnanFrom CNY 2,269.00

Urban Arrival Packages in Yunnan

Stay in Yunnan