The Mekong Delta

Busy markets with abundance of fruits and vegetables. Loads of shrimp and fish farms. Slow boat journeys on waterways continuing for hours. Close to Saigon, yet very different in ambience and mentality, a visit to The Mekong delta is both a fine cultural and historical journey.

From its spring as a small creek in the Tibetan heartland, fragile and cold, it grows in strength and importance as it flows to the South China Sea. Mekong is the 12 th longest river in the world and life giver in the Indochina region for millions of farmers, fishermen, and families. A number of controversial dam projects in China and plans also in Laos, can and will affect the Mekong River dramatically in the future if plans are not changed.

Here in the Delta the River is brown from the many forest creeks and tributaries that feed it, carrying billions of gallons of water towards the sea. Here it is the life lived with the River that you come to experience. Lively markets with an abundance of vegetables homestays. A mix of Vietnamese and Cambodia related Khmer culture. From the Mekong delta, it is not that far to Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh that can be reached by boat.

The Mekong Delta Trips


Mekong Delta - 3 Days

Mekong DeltaFrom USD 357.00


Mekong Delta Homestay - 2 Days

Mekong DeltaFrom USD 212.00