A gentle 'wai' and sawasdee khaa. Welcome to Thailand!

…The land of smiles, friendliness and laughter. A versatile country that frames mountains and tranquillity, action and spirituality in the far North. A country that brings you plenty of opportunities to beat the crowd along the Burmese Border, to sail the beautiful lake waters, explore remote villages and trek into the deep jungle. And a country that boasts so many eye-soringly beautiful beaches and islands that it is not even necessary to choose between umbrella-decorated beaches or unexplored coves. Thailand has something in store for everyone!

And as a beating heart, right in the center of it all most travellers will start their journey in bustling Bangkok. Overwhelming for some, with its traffic chaos and concrete, sweet and spicy smells, tuk tuks and skyscrapers. Yet also fascinating and creative with an urban hip vibe, aspiring artists and underground markets. Everyone has an opinion about Bangkok, but boring surely isn’t one of them!

So the question is, what are you looking? When in doubt, we are here to inspire you and to guide you along the way; to find your trail and path through Thailand. Perhaps even with a detour to explore the other side of the recently opened borders of Burma, to venture through laidback Laos or trail across the grounds of Cambodia. From our Travel Service Centers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai we will help you to navigate the travel jungle. To take care of all the practicalities so you just have to explore.

We look forward to seeing you on the trails beyond – happy travels!

Torsten Edens

Country Director Thailand

Go Beyond Travel Service Center, Bangkok

Martin, Travel Center Supervisor

"…I love to discover Bangkok’s food scene, there’s something new popping up every week! Also the bar, club & art scene is in steady movement. Bangkok is a hub for fashion in Asia.

I arrived in Thailand the first time in 2009 i came with no expectation & no overall plan. The country and its people welcome me with arms wide open and showed me the beauty of another culture. Not a big traveller back than, this was a major turning point in my life and i decided to move here and stayed ever since. I have travelled all over South East Asia and had a lot of great experiences. With this knowledge i now inspire other travellers on their journey with the everlasting enthusiasm that travel let you grow as a person and differentiate between what is important in life (and what is not).

My favourite place has to be Laos – the unspoiled nature & people, no 7/11 on every Corner, all is laid back and the food is amazing, breathtaking landscapes and always something new to discover!"

When you talk to people about Bangkok you will soon realize that everyone has their own Bangkok. It is a city full of hearts and souls, multilayered & versatile. Listen to these storys and start to explore yourself your very own Bangkok.

Mozz, Travel Advisor

"...Why do I travel? I want to experience what is out there / The unexpected lies everywhere / I want to see a lot more / Something not seen before / My desire thrives in craziness / just to see new things, nevertheless / I push my limit. Of course, I go for it / Traveling to learn, these roads I've hit.

My most precious travel memory is my trip to Udon Thani and I was teaching English for about 2 and half weeks, I'm not so sure if I should call it a holiday but it was great fun to go to several school in the middle of Isan and hang out with the kids! They were really happy people.

What do I love the most about Bangkok? Something off the beaten track ? I love going to art events, underground music. There's a big sub-culture in Bangkok when it comes to night life, from unknown grafiti artists to a psychedelic punk band. These people alter Bangkok's night life and gives you true vibe of this city. No, this is NOT the mainstream popularity, instead it is people who shares different way of expressing themselves through a form of art, music etc."

Nicola, Travel Advisor

"…I travel as oftenas possible. When I have time and coins - I am off.

I recently traveled in Myanmar….. I was walking in the streets of Mawlamyine, when it started to rain. Hard. Luckily a local teahouse was nearby. I ordered a sweet milky tea and a samosa, and started my favorite thing to do – people watching. A huge truck pulled up, full of Tupperware and large plastic boxes. A young kid got off and started to drop off huge stacks at a local shop. He was soaked, ran back and forth about 10 times, waving at me with the biggest smile. That was a good hour…

As these words are written, I am planning my next trip to Myanmar - this time up north to Mandalay and the Shan State. Someone recently showed me a video of the slow-paced train ride on the Gokteik Bridge – one of Myanmar’s most stunning manmade marvels. I would like very much to ride that train. Besides the last time I travelled in Myanmar, I missed out on the local soup – Mohinga – that alone is reason enough for a revisit.

When traveling in Bangkok don’t miss out on the street vendors/ street kitchens who are selling the most delicious food. Grab some on the go or put your bum on a pink plastic chair and close your eyes when you choose your dishes. Order plenty and share. Drink beer or whiskey/soda – and make sure to get a bucket of ice to go with both."


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Daniel – Travel Advisor

I remember the first time I walked down from the Airport Link station. It was overwhelming. The heat, the people, the traffic. I walked down the street and I got my first motorcycle taxi ride. After two weeks of travel in the southern part of Thailand I only had one wish: Come back again as soon as possible.

I love Thailand because there is a lot of diversity in the country. You can go to the amazing beaches in the south of Thailand. You can search for party spots in the metropolitan city Bangkok or you can experience the nature in the mountains in the north. Thailand has everything from modern to rural and from beaches to forests.

Also the culture differences between all kinds of provinces are visible. Different clothing, different foods and dishes and different style of dance or entertainment. It is nice to visit a market where provinces will present their specialties.

My next target is to get my PADI in Koh Tao to discover the amazing underwater world. Thailand has some amazing diving spots to discover so the next thing on the list is to get the certificate.

My personal tip when you are in Thailand or in South East Asiago crazy in amazing food!!


Production, Reservation and Operation

Nui, Assistant to Product Manager

“...What I remember from when I was a child travelling in Isarn, is my many questions, and my father’s answer: we are never alone on the earth, we can share and receive at the same time. We are not different from each other and if we are our simple selves, we can live well together in this world. This is my aim, and that’s why I love to travel.

My best advice or travelling is to ask lots of questions. Find out what to do and what not. Respect the rule and customs of the country, and enjoy spending your time with the locals.

I still remember when I was in Myanmar and went to Golden Rock on a rainy-sunny day. Sitting on the back of an open-air truck we, and our bag of clothes, all got wet. We had no clothes for tomorrow and we were to stay 1 night at the Golden Rock Mountain. When the rain stopped, a team member asked the hotel to help us make a bonfire so we could dry our clothes. 22 people seated in a circle, all sharing and talked and getting to know each other better, that made a circle of new friends.

Lek, Reservation Manager

"…Travels are my job, and in my spare time, I read magazines about fashion and travelling.

My favorite place to go is Chiang Mai with my family. I go there because it has wonderful views and clean air.

When you are in Bangkok, I highly recommended to try the noodle shop ‘Yen Ta Four’ at Thanon Jan Rd. It’s so yummi!

Yada, Contract & Product Database Administrator

"...My first trip was when I was freshman in school. I hitched a lift to Trang;one of my favorite places. It's a coastal city along the Andaman Sea in southern of Thailand. It was almost 10 hours and 300 kilometres on the road. I was dead tired but I loved every moment during the trip. It was with my best travel buddy. Finally we found a place for some real relaxation. We had deliciously roasted pork, beautiful sandy beaches and I spent the days on a day bed with my favorite cartoon book. Superb!

My best insider tip to Bangkok: Go local and explore my vibrant home city. Bangkok is super cheap and easy to get around in. With amazing deals to be had, and more food than your stomach can take, there is a world of things to do while you are here.

Just leave normal life behind and embark on an adventure. No matter where or why I travel, there's always something wonderfully new to be found in Thailand."

Ple, Special Request Officer

"...Why I travel? Well, because my mind is always happy and it makes me smile. Travelling balances your life and makes you understand the constrasts of the world.

My most precious travel memory is from Luang Prabang in Laos when I first caught sight of the city. I love their culture. It is so similar to Thailand, nice people who are always ready to assist you even though you cannot communicate in your language. Moreover I like their fabulous architecture.

My insider tip to travel: Just enjoy every moment you are travelling. Even the unexpected parts of the journey because experiences are the mother of all wisdom.

Nancy, Reservation

"…I love to travel whenever I have time for it. Travelling fills me up with new energy!

I like to explore, and I never miss the chance to get in touch with the local food (especially the spicy dishes), and the way of living they have.

Asia in general would be my destination. I have been to China, Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam; all of them brings a different kind of charm, and has a lot of things to explore.

But if I have to choose my favorite destination it would be THAILAND, my motherland!Thailand is not only the land of smiles, but also full of beautiful beaches, emeralds, sea and mountains covered with tropical plantation and wild life. And again I love local food, my tip for you is to try Tom Yum Soup with sticky rice and mango, which I think is a once in a life time dish! Yummy yummy!

Phet, Head of Guides

"…I love traveling. It opens my eyes and I get a better understanding of the world and what’s going on. I

My most precious travel memory was my journey to Switzerland – seeing real snow! However, my favorite places to go are Denmark and UK. I speak both Danish and English and going back helps me improve my language skills. Also I have friends in both countries.

My best insider tip to Bangkok would be to go to the Flying Chicken restaurant. It’s a place where you can have a lot of fun on a Friday or Saturday evening.

Arm, Assistant Operation & Sales Manager

"…In my free time I like to go to s small lovely coffee shop to read my favorite book and listen to my favorite songs. But sometimes I just stay at home and play Ukulele. I’m still learning though.

My favorite travel memory is my Pukradueng Trip, because it makes me proud of myself. The feeling of reaching the top of the mountain, which I never thought that I could do.

I travelto find places that are different from my daily routines; that has fresh air, no traffic, slow moving life and less city stress.

My first journey on my own was when I graduated high school. I went to the northern provinces with my friends to visit Phetchaboon, Loey, Lampang and Lampoon. I still remember the feeling of being on the road, blessed by friendship.

Torsten, Country Director

"...I love traveling in Vietnam and Nepal, for every corner you turn there are new fantastic vistas, people and food. The diversities of these two countries is amazing.

My most precious travel memory is when I got lost on a motorbike in the middle of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, I had a flat tire, the sun had gone down and a local truck stopped to take me along. Tired, grateful and happy.

Why I keep travelling? I have only done 72 countries, so that leaves around 118 to go!

My best insider tip to Bangkok - a challenge for you: Take your favorite mode of transportation, bicycle or motorbike and drive in one direction here in Bangkok, drive until you get lost. Then turn around and find your way back without using GPS. This way you will really appreciate how helpful and cheerful Thais are and I guarantee that you will see things that you never dreamt of seeing."

Top, IT & Data Reporting Manager

"…I like to travel around when ever I have free time. I travel to learn new things and get new experiences.

My first journey was to Hong Kong. We wandered aimlessly around on small local streets and found a local casino in a small village. We started playing with the locals – and we won! ;)

My favorite travel destination in Asia is Silmilan islands in South Thailand. To see the stunning white sand beaches with crystal clear water. Beyond Asia, I still remember Phillip island in Australia where the smallest natural specie of penguin will walk on the beach right beside you.

Toan, Assistant IT Manager

"…My first journey was to Japan. I had no plan and no schedule. But I found a lot of interesting things such as good restaurants, and my favorite Nike shop.

My favourite travel place is Hua Hin. I love to go there because it is the closest beach town from Bangkok and my girlfriend love to go there.

My insider tip to Bangkok is simply to try to get lost sometimes, and you will know more local areas. Not least, try to go to Lumphini park for a bit of Tai Chi in the early morning.

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