Bagan and outskirts

Bikes, flowing across the plains in the morning hours. Heading through ruins, and stopping by old temples. The curious bikers walking up staircases to heaven, where they can look over this enormous king made compound with the mighty Auyerwady river beyond. Or they explore delicate engravings and more than 800 years old murals.

In a span of around 200 years, until year 1280, more than 3500 temples were planned in what was then Bagan. Many, at least 3000, were built, yet some were never realized.

But never the less an outstanding temple universe that at those days were regarded as one the biggest and most impressive temple complexes in the entire world, praised by Marc O Polo and other explorers. Among explorers Bagans temples were competing in this part of Asia only, with Angkor Wat.

Many of the temples were built predominantly in wood and have now disappeared, but still there are a vast and impressive number of ruins and temples left. To explore this vast area, situated right on the mighty Auyerwady River, a bike trip is a fantastic approach. Follow the old explorers. Go historical. Go Beyond.

Tours in Bagan


Shan State with the Classic Spice – 16 Days

Burma OverlandFrom THB 39,800.00


Classic Burma Spice - 12 Days - Start Mandalay

Burma OverlandFrom THB 29,000.00


Classic Burma Spice - 14 Days - Start Yangon

Burma OverlandFrom THB 32,475.00


Burma Explorer Beyond - 24 Days - Start Bangkok

Burma OverlandFrom THB 66,900.00


Burma Explorer Beyond - 23 Days - Start Mae Sot

Burma OverlandFrom THB 65,470.00

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