Burma Border and Golden Rock

A Klondike border. Dusty roads heading into sleepy villages then later disappearing into dense forest. Monday, Wednesday, Friday you go in one directions. On equal days . The other. A slow river heading for the sea. A train heading for the sacred. Curious eyes waiting to say hello.

The area from Myawaddy at the Thai border close to Mae Sot, and towards Moulmein, is more Karen than Burmese, and for many years controlled by the Karen. The Karen has to find a new way of living, and by shared effort their beautiful land can become a fine place for many travelers. For now, this area is remote, difficult to navigate, and therefor only a few travelers have been this way.

Explore the inland waterways in kayak and the small backstreet of Hpa An in the early mornings. Head down the Thanlwin River on a spread of a river trip. Do a photo-shoot of the old colonial buildings torn to pieces in Moulmein the grand old city at the Gulf of Mottama.

A pleasant train ride north of Moulmein, awaits the Golden Rock. For many Burmese this is a place you plan to go at least once in life. For pleasure, but not least, for its spiritual power.

If you come here in the pilgrimage season November to March it can be crowded, but the meditating people, the lighted candles, the serene atmosphere, is breathtaking.

We are proud to present our world premier tour that take curious souls through this remote backland. Burma Backdoor Link

Tours in Hpa An


Southern Myanmar Backdoor Explorer – 7 Days

Southern MyanmarFrom THB 29,500.00


Burma Backland - 6 Days

Burma BorderFrom THB 16,700.00


Burma Backdoor Explorer - 7 Days - Start Mae Sot

Central BurmaFrom THB 25,570.00


Burma Backdoor Explorer - 8 Days - Start Bangkok

Burma BorderFrom THB 28,100.00


Burma Explorer Beyond - 24 Days - Start Bangkok

Burma OverlandFrom THB 66,900.00


Burma Explorer Beyond - 23 Days - Start Mae Sot

Burma OverlandFrom THB 65,470.00

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