Unique Experiences: · The classic road through Burma with Go Beyond spices added.
· Guided bicycle tour in the morning to get to know Mandalay in a different way.
· Discover the legendary temples of Bagan by bike and tranquil Inle with its floating gardens.
· Do a cooking class and stir up local delicacies from the Burmese cuisine.
· Explore Yangon's morning markets and give alms to the monks.
Participants: Small Group Exploration spiced with Shared Group Experiences – normally no more than 2-5 people on the tour, yet part of the itinerary/day tours are Shared Group Experiences:
Bike Tour in Mandalay: Up to 10 participants
Cooking Class in Inle Lake: Up to 6 participants
Note that you can book 1 person on this program, but we cannot guarantee more participants on the overall tour.
Trip Length: 12 Day(s) 11 Night(s)
Tour Departure Dates: Departure on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays. Other days available upon request.
Travel Season: All year. The best time to visit is from November to February when it is dry and temperatures are at their lowest. Day temperatures are around 20-25 degrees, while night temperatures in December – January can drop to below 10 degrees. The rainy season runs from the end of May until the end of September and can bring heavy and regular rainfall. From Mar to May the temperature can rise to above 40 degrees.
Type of Transportation: Public bus/car, private car, bicycle, and local taxi.
Type of Accommodation: 10 Nights in Standard Room with Air Con, Private Bathroom and Toilet and Breakfast Included (check in normally at 12:00 noon). 1 night in overnight bus from Nyaungshwe to Yangon.
Physical Rate: 3
Child Policy: Child age: 2-11 years.
Child price: Refer to rates.
Please be aware of: Biking is generally not recommended for children below 11 years. As an alternative horse cart or Tuk Tuk can be arranged at no extra charge. Please let us know in advance to allow for arrangement.
Included in Price: Meals: 10 x breakfast, 1 x lunch.
Accommodation: 1 night in overnight bus and 10 nights at various hotels.
Transportation: Mandalay – Bagan – Nyaungshwe – Yangon. Various tours and transfers according to itinerary.
Tours/Explorations: According to itinerary.

There is no overall guide on the tour. There will be drivers who speak limited English and English-speaking tour guides according to itinerary.
Excluded from Price: · Drinks
· Tips for your guides
· Tours and activities not mentioned in the itinerary
· Entrance fees where applicable
· Visa to Myanmar
· Self-transfers and free day transportation highlighted in the itinerary
All other expenses not stated as included in the above


Locations Visited:
Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, Nyaungshwe, Yangon
Start City:
End City:


Day 1: Arrival in Mandalay
The name Mandalay has a touch of old colonial days, Kipling, a fragment in a song. But today Mandalay is a modern metropolis, and the Chinese influence is enormous here. The hill above Mandalay is with its fine pagodas and monasteries a pilgrimage place for devoted Buddhists. The cuisine here is fine; the nightlife is possibly the liveliest in Burma. But you can also find small local markets, old teashops, and slowness as well. And you have the entire afternoon and evening free to explore just that.

Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Mandalay.
Transport and Guide: Your guide will meet you in Mandalay airport/bus station/train station and transfer you by car to your hotel (remember to make us aware of your arrival time and details in advance). If you drive from Mandalay airport, please note the driving time may be up to an hour.

Day 2: Mandalay and a magnificent morning bike tour
“Magnificent Mandalay Mornings”. By bike. Escape the hustle and bustle of the dusty city and discover the tranquillity and charm of the Mandalay countryside. You will visit fresh markets, cottage industry, farming villages and return to Mandalay after having made a genuine connection to the Myanmar outskirts, life beyond the cityscape.

You will have the rest of the day at your convenience to explore urban Mandalay. Hire a blue “bemo” and explore the U-Bein bridge for sunset. As the sun casts it last rays and the locals cross the bridge there is no place more beautiful than being in one of the small boats. A magnificent view that will stay with you forever.
Meals: Breakfast is included.
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Mandalay.
Transport and Guide: Transfer by motorbike (your driver may speak limited English) from your hotel to and from the starting point of the bike tour. Bike Mandalay in the morning with your guide. Expect to be back at your hotel around noon.

Day 3: Mandalay to Bagan. Overland flow and free day to explore Bagan
Venture from Mandalay to mythical and magical Bagan. Go by public bus and watch the world pass by outside, the local life in the villages and the monks taking their lunch before noon. A given in the Buddhist society so your bus probably stops too, to allow any travelling monks to fulfil their requirement.

Upon arrival in Bagan you have the rest of the day free to explore at your own pace. Bagan is truly one of Asia’s, possibly the world’s, finest places to explore ancient religious temples. Timing is important. Early morning or sunset times are splendid here. Maybe today is the day for your temple sunset.

Meals: Breakfast is included.
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Bagan.
Transport and Guide: Remember to pick up your bus ticket from Mandalay to Bagan from the hotel reception before you go. Your public aircon bus leaves from Mandalay 08:00 and will arrive in Bagan around 13:30.
Transport not included: Self-transfer from your hotel to Mandalay bus station. We recommend going by motorbike, which normally takes around 25 minutes and costs around 5000 Kyat.
Self-transfer from Bagan bus station to your Bagan hotel. We recommend going by horse cart, which normally takes around 30 minutes and costs around 8000 Kyat.

Day 4: Bagan and explorations of the temple ground by bike
Through thousands of temples and pagoda ruins without ends. Spread across the plains of Bagan as a beautiful testament to the religious devotion of Burma’s Buddhists and religious rulers over time it now remains a popular exploration site. Not without a reason. But have it with a twist, a bit of Go Beyond spice. Understand its magnificence through a guide who will explain the history, the legends and the architecture of the temples. To give you the insider perspective to truly appreciate this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore or kick back to relax in the afternoon. Time is on your side and only you decide how to spend it.

Meals: Breakfast is included.
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Bagan.
Transport and Guide: Your guide will bring the bikes to your hotel at 08:00 and depart together.
Entrance: Entrance fee to the Bagan Archaeological Zone is not included. Expect to pay around USD 15.

Day 5: Bagan with free time to immerse yourself in temples and stories from the past
Bagan is impressive and the Archeological Zone covers a vast area. Not to mention the city of Bagan itself well worth some time for strolling the streets. That is why you have a full day at your convenience to do as you please – Explore more temples and go via a different route than what you did yesterday. Enjoy the view over the Irrawaddy River or go wander the streets of Nyaung U. Breath in the colonial charm, the atmospheric village center ambience and the colorful, bustling market.

Meals: Breakfast is included.
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Bagan.
Transport not included: Any transportation used on your free day explorations in Bagan. If you want to rent a horse cart expect to pay around 25.000 Kyat for a day.

Please make sure your get your tickets for tomorrow’s bus ride from your guide.

Day 6: Bagan to Nyaungshwe (Inle Lake). A flow exploration as life passes by outside your window
A new day, a new city, new adventures awaits you. Leave Bagan behind and flow to Nyaungshwe, the gateway to Inle Lake. The journey is part of the adventure, getting close to the locals, learning, interacting. Watching the world go by outside your windows, the teeming life as the bus comes to a halt. Make your transportation and exploration.

Meals: Breakfast is included.
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Nyaungshwe.
Transport and Guide: You will have received your bus ticket one day in advance from your guide. Your public aircon bus departs Bagan at 08:00 and is expected to arrive in Nyaungshwe around 17:30. Remember to check up on the meeting point for your cooking class tomorrow where Ms Sue will have left information in your hotel reception.
Transport not included: Self-transfer from your Bagan hotel to Bagan bus station. We recommend going by horse cart, which normally takes around 30 minutes and costs around 15.000 Kyat.
Self-transfer from Nyaungshwe bus station to your Nyaungshwe hotel. We recommend going by motorbike, which normally takes around 15 minutes and costs around 3000 Kyat.

Day 7: Cooking class – trying your hands on the Burmese cuisine
Take a day to get to know the charming city, to understand it tastes and flavours. And what better way to do so than getting your hands dirty and your stomach full?

Start your introduction to the Shan State cuisine by visiting the local market to buy ingredients for your lunch. Your cooking class will then take place in a garden open-air kitchen where your local teacher helps you to stir up Intha style fish curry, fried vegetables, Shan noodles or fried rice cake and egg curry with tamarind paste. At noon the smells will fill the air and your stomach be ready for the lunch you have cooked yourself. Enjoy in the beautiful garden setting at the bamboo house. This is all a person can wish for.

After the cooking class you will have the rest of the day free. And what a treat for the curious at heart; for the travellers who value time to immerse instead of simply scratching the surface.
The town of Nyaungshwe is not only the gateway to Inle lake, but also a charming city in its own humble right – once the seat of one of the last Shan Princes. Wander the streets of Nyaungshwe to explore the back alleys, life along the main canal and hidden shrines in square compounds.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch included.
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Nyaungshwe.
Transport and Guide: Transport at own arrangement to cooking class. The meeting point you will get from your hotel reception, where ms Sue will leave a message for you.

Day 8: Nyaungshwe and Inle Lake free day to take in the lake or the city scape
Rise early and get lost in the Mingala Market, as traders from the lake bring in fresh fish and produce from the floating gardens.
Spend your free in a boat on the Inle Lake with a 360-degree view of the scenery. Before you the famous one-leg rowers so delicately and quietly manoeuvre their boats. The quietness of the water and the floating gardens as a spellbinding patchwork of blue and green mixed with flowers of white, pink, purple.

Meals: Breakfast is included.
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Nyaungshwe.
Transport not included: Any transportation used on your free day explorations. If you want to rent a motorbike or Tuk Tuk expect to pay around 20.000 Kyat for a day.

Day 9: Nyaungshwe and Inle Lake free time before you head towards Yangon
Appreciate that you do not have to get up too early. If you have not yet had enough of Inle Lake a bike trip along the shores, with stops under shading flowering rainforest trees, for tea, a snack or just a chat is highly recommended. Make sure to breath in the last bit of the countryside, of the fresh air before venturing back towards bustling Yangon.

Meals: Breakfast is included.
Accommodation: Overnight aircon bus.
Transport and Guide: Your guide will deliver your bus tickets in advance, you may ask in your hotel reception if needed. Your public overnight aircon bus from Nyaungshwe to Yangon departs at 18:00. Expected arrival in Yangon tomorrow morning at 05:00.
Transport not included: Self-transfer from your hotel to Nyaungshwe bus station. We recommend going by motorbike or Tuk Tuk, which normally takes around 15 minutes and costs around 3000 Kyat

Day 10: Yangon and free exploration time
An early morning bus arrival demands for a slow paced day. A hearty Burmese breakfast and caffeine boost at a teahouse, watching the world pass by outside. A bit of shopping in the sprawling mess that is Bogyoke Aung San Market (note that this is closed on Mondays), an afternoon tea at the strand hotel while the fruit vendors slowly close for the day outside and the kids play before the last rays of the sun slowly disappears.

Accommodation: Overnight at central hotel in Yangon.
Transport not included: Self-transfer from Yangon bus station to your Yangon hotel. We recommend going by public taxi, which normally takes around 1 hour and costs around 10.000 Kyat.

Day 11: Yangon and an insider tour of the morning markets, the monks collecting alms in the early morning topped off with a bowl of Mohinga
What’s happening in the streets of Yangon when most other people are still sleeping or taking their shower? You’re going to find out soon. Your guide will be expecting you in the lobby of your hotel at 06:30 and take you through the morning traffic to Yangon's main fish market. Located on the Yangon River, the offloading point is alive 24 hours a day and will also be bustling when you arrive. Chilly ice block trucks, fish piled in colorfull plastic baskets and hard working young guys making their way through the market with today's catch.
Continue to a 24 hours open vegetable market and try the famous Burmese breakfast called Mohinga (a mild fish soup with noodles and crackers). By that time the monks are walking through the streets of Yangon to collect their alms and you will wait for them to pass and donate a bit of food to them. Walk through the fruit and vegetable market before heading back to your hotel (around 09:30 am) to have your full western breakfast.

You will have the rest of the day and evening at your convenience to explore Yangon’s backstreets and colourful street life. Pay a visit to the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda and marvel over the city's colonial heritage. Hang out at a corner when the sun sets and be seated for a spicy roadside dinner surrounded by nothing but friendliness and smiles.

Meals: Breakfast included.
Accommodation: Overnight at central hotel in Yangon.
Transport and Guide: Your guide will pick you up at 06:30 and together you go by van to the markets.
Transport not included: Transport during your free day explorations.

Day 12: Yangon. It’s been a pleasure!
All good things must come to an end. After many days on the road, get ready for new exciting adventures. And though it may be hard to leave, do remember to check out before 12:00.

If you prefer to go a step beyond the beaten track and have more time to truly explore Burma we recommend to look at one of the following tours:
· Shan State Adventure – if you are ready to go beyond the ordinary, you can combine your Classic Burma with this trek; going to a remote, incredibly beautiful and unexplored area.
· Burma Explorer Beyond – Add to the Classic Burma and the remoteness of the Shan State an entry from Thailand into Burma through the backdoor. Through a route only few will have taken before you.

Meals: Breakfast is included.

Please note that above recommendations and estimates for self-transfers and entrance fees are for your guideline only. We do not take any responsibility for changes in prices and/or transportation times.

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