Northern Shan state

Dawns soft rays sneaking into the deep valleys below. A slow bus heading into the green rolling hills beyond. Lisu, Shan, Palaung and Kachin people pushing worn out bikes with loads of vegetables to riverside markets in the horizon. At monasteries above, monks are putting their dark red robes on poles, soon to be kissed by the sun.

Hsipaw. Kyukme, Gokteik, Panglong. Nahmsan. names that ignite the curiosity. Names of villages. Places worth exploring. Time is not on stand still here. But in the northern Shan state, in the mid of the rolling hills, in the small fragile villages, time is different than in Mandalay hours to the south. All seems slower, more relaxed, simpler, yet it is obvious that this does not necessarily mean, easier.

Here days can be enjoyed exploring valleys, creeks, markets and villages on foot.

Here hours can be used talking to old men in the tea houses,, speaking oxford English, but with a vocabulary shrinked to 10 simple words

Far beyond, far north, in the wild forest areas north of Putau, is the last mountain in the Himalaya chain. Hkakabo Razi at 5848 meters Burma’s highest mountain. But here we do not venture yet. So if you want to explore the Himalayas do it with us in Nepal or Indian Himalaya East and West

Tours in Shan State


Kengtung Trekking - 5 Days

Shan StateFrom THB 19,000.00


Kengtung Trekking & Inle Lake - 7 Days

Shan StateFrom THB 26,200.00


Shan State Adventure - 7 Days

Shan StateFrom THB 18,500.00


Shan State Adventure - 8 Days

Shan StateFrom THB 19,200.00


Shan State with the Classic Spice – 16 Days

Burma OverlandFrom THB 39,800.00


Shan State Adventure - 10 Days

Shan StateFrom THB 26,100.00


Burma Explorer Beyond - 24 Days - Start Bangkok

Burma OverlandFrom THB 66,900.00


Burma Explorer Beyond - 23 Days - Start Mae Sot

Burma OverlandFrom THB 65,470.00

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