Yangon (Rangoon)

Sweet tea at Lucky 7, worn out colonial mansions under magnificent rainforest trees, the hustling bustling at the old harbor piers, the sound of an approaching train from far away in the north. A late breakfast at the Mohinga stall in street number 38. It is colonial. Its tropical its modern Yangon, yet old days Rangoon. It is brilliant imperfection.

At the harbor, when ships on load, and ships depart to far flung places in the delta, there are sweat, tattoos, cheap cigarettes but one of the old warehouses are now T1 pop up galleries, and the cool open bar joint Port autonomy is right next door.

Yangon is moving, but it is at the same time still the old central Yangon streets, number 36,38, 40 that have the finest ambience. Bustling street kitchens, second hand books paraded on the walkway from colonial days, a glimpse through the streets to the mighty Swedagon beyond.

The mighty lady, the colonial classy hotel Strand, that for years was I must say, beautifully decaying, has been renovated, a few other colonial mansions too. Yet most mansions are waiting for a loving hand, and in the mean time falling apart.

Head to the central train station, and ride on the circle line, hit the fish market in the early mornings. Sit in a teashop until the sun sets. Yangon is the gateway to north and south. But is worth exploring on it’s own. Go beyond Yangon, but promise to stay here for a while at first.

Trips in Yangon


Yangon Urban - 3 Days

YangonFrom THB 7,400.00


Burma Backland - 6 Days

Burma BorderFrom THB 16,700.00


Burma Backdoor Explorer - 7 Days - Start Mae Sot

Central BurmaFrom THB 25,570.00


Burma Backdoor Explorer - 8 Days - Start Bangkok

Burma BorderFrom THB 28,100.00


Shan State with the Classic Spice – 16 Days

Burma OverlandFrom THB 39,800.00


Shan State Adventure - 10 Days

Shan StateFrom THB 26,100.00


Classic Burma Spice - 12 Days - Start Mandalay

Burma OverlandFrom THB 29,000.00


Classic Burma Spice - 14 Days - Start Yangon

Burma OverlandFrom THB 32,475.00

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