Unique Experiences:

•  Experience an area in Myanmar that is rather remote and not very touristic but yet one of the most fascinating ones
•  Explore Mawlamyine (formerly Moulmein) on your own on your free day and see perhaps the largest reclining Buddha statue in Myanmar
•  Kayaking through paddy fields in Hpa An


Small Group Exploration – normally no more than 2-5 travellers. Being few brings you closer to local life and flexibility to go to places less travelled; to go beyond the ordinary.
You can be min. 1 and max. 8 travellers on this tour. You can book 1 person, but we cannot guarantee more participants.
For an additional 40 USD per person you can secure this as a Guaranteed Private Tour. Please contact us for further details and booking.

Trip Length: 6 Day(s) 5 Night(s)
Tour Departure Dates: Everyday
Travel Season:

In Myanmar the rainy season from the end of May until the end of September can bring heavy and regular rainfall. The best time to visit is from Nov - Feb when it is dry and temperatures are at their lowest around at around 20-25 degrees. At night times the temperatures can fall to lower than 10 Degrees in December and January whereas From Mar to May the temperature can rise to above 40 degrees!

Type of Transportation: Private Car, Local motorbike or Tuk Tuk, Train ride, Truck, Kayak, A/C Bus
Type of Accommodation: 5 Nights in Standard Room with Air Con and Private Bathroom and Toilet.
Physical Rate: 2/5
Child Policy:

Child age: 2-11 years
Child price: Refer to rates
Please be aware of:

Included in Price:

Meals: 5 x breakfast
Accommodation: 5 nights at various hotels (booking will be on request)
Included Transportation: Yangon - Mawlamyine - Hpa An – Kyaikhto - Yangon
Day tours according to itinerary

There is no overall guide on the tour. There will be drivers who speak basic English and English-speaking tour guides on the pre-organized day tours (only) according to itinerary.

Excluded from Price:

•  Drinks
•  Tips to the guides
•  Tours and activities not mentioned in the itinerary
•  Entrance fees
•  Visa to Myanmar
•  Travel Insurance (Compulsory)
All other expenses not stated as included in the above


Locations Visited:
Mawlamyine, Hpa An, Kyaiktiyo, Golden Rock, Yangon
Start City:
End City:


Day 1: Travel from Yangon to Mawlamyine
Enjoy the outskirts of Yangon throughout the train journey to Mawlamyine. The more remote areas of Mon and Kayin state are the undiscovered areas of Myanmar and offer spectacular nature and intriguing tribal culture dating back for many centuries. On the way you’ll come across Bago, another of Myanmar’s former capitals, and the Sittaung River. After crossing this river you’ll see the scenery changes and becomes much greener. Today your tour starts early morning travelling through the countryside, between calm rivers and crossing bridges.

Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Mawlamyine
Transport and Guide: You will go by train from Yangon to Mawlamyine. Your train leaves at 07:00, and you will arrive in Mawlamyine at 17.30. Your tickets will be delivered to your hotel the day before. If you have not booked your hotel through us, please let us know your hotel and address at least 48 hours in advance. There will be no guide with you today.
Transport not included: Own transfer to Yangon Central Train Station, and from Mawlamyine Train Station to your hotel. In Yangon, we recommend you to go by taxi, which should take around 1 hour and cost you around 10.000 Kyat. In Mawlamyine, we recommend going by Tuk Tuk, which normally takes 10-15 minutes and costs around 3000 kyat.

Due to the early morning departure from Yangon, we recommend that you spend the night in the city. Please let us know if you need help for booking a hotel or want to go for a Soft Landing with a Yangon Urban Exploration.

Day 2: Day Free at Leisure in colonial Mawlamyine
Make the most of your free day in Mawlamyine, formerly Moulmein, located right at the Andaman coast at the delta of the mighty Salween (Thanlwin) River. It is the capital city of Mon State and the third biggest town in Myanmar. That said, it is well away from the ordinary tourist trail. If you love decaying old colonial buildings, a town with a multitude of ethnicities, slowness and fine small monasteries, you will like to stroll around here on your own exploring the small side streets. Lay eyes on the largest reclining Buddha in Burma and promenade the Mawlamyine Strand Road located at the banks of the mighty Thanlwin River. Go to the harbor to see the busy harbor life from early morning to evening.

Meals: Breakfast is included
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Mawlamyine
Transport not included:Any transportation used on your free day explorations in Mawlamyine is at your own expense. If you want to rent a motorbike or Tuk Tuk expect to pay around 10-15.000 Kyat for a day, from sunrise to sunset. If you prefer to be on wheels, consider renting a motorbike taxi to drive you around.

Day 3: River exploration from Mawlamyine to Hpa An via U Na Auk
Wake up in the early morning for a bit of breakfast before your day truly begins. Awaiting you, is a cruise up the Thanlwin river – the river that flows all the way from the barren Tibetan plateau to the warm waters of the Andaman Sea. Take in the mighty limestone mountains that rise around you and stop in U Na Auk village where your guide will show you around. A truly local experience in a village that barely receives any visitors. A village, where you will find yourself surrounded by dozens of laughing children, curious to find out what purpose a foreign guest have in their village.
Upon arrival in Hpa An in the afternoon you will disembark and have the rest of the day at your convenience in the slow countryside town.

Meals: Breakfast is included
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Hpa An
Transport and Guide: Your guide will meet you at the jetty in Hpa, Transfer by private boat to Hpa An with stop in U Na Auk along the way.
Transport not included: Around 08.00am self-transfer from your hotel in Mawlamyine to the jetty in Mawlamyine, We recommend going by local motorbike or Tuk Tuk.
Upon arrival at the jetty in Hpa An you will transfer to your hotel in Hpa An on your own. We recommend going by Tuk Tuk, which normally takes 10-15 minutes and costs around 3000 kyat.

Day 4: In Hpa An, where you will enjoy Kayaking through rice fields
After a slow breakfast in the early morning, your hours ahead will be spent in a kayak. Paddling through the lush rice fields; with limestone mountains as a constant backdrop, carving their way through the horizon. Accompanying you to show the way is a local tribes man from the Kayin tribe. And though he may not speak any English you certainly can expect a big smile and a very friendly person to take care of you. On the way, you will pass tranquil traditional Kayin villages and stop for fresh fruit served in one of the wooden Kayin houses.
The kayak tour will ignite and spoil all of your senses, but the Saddar Cave may take your breath away. As you step into the huge football-stadium sized cave hundreds of Buddha figures, pagodas and clay wall carvings welcome you with open arms. And if you are here during dry season (roughly November – April) a true adventure lies before your feet. Leap into a scramble through dimly lit chambers, stalactites above you, bats around you and crystal walls before you. And then at the far side a burst of sun light. Hiding a secret lake, so idyllic with ducks and flowering lilies hidden in a bowl of rough peaks.
Slowly you prepare to leave your fairytale world and go back to your hotel in Hpa An. To spend a quiet afternoon and night rewinding and grasping the day that was so beyond the ordinary.

Meals: Breakfast is included
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Hpa An
Transport and Guide: Your English-speaking guide will pick you up at your hotel around 08:00 for a short transfer by motorbike or Tuk Tuk to the starting point of your kayak adventure. You will return the same way in the early afternoon around 13:00.

Please note: The water level in the lake is dependent on seasons and weather. In case the water level is low, it may be necessary to make the kayaking shorter and replace it with a hike and a visit to a local traditional Kayin Village.

Day 5: Go from Hpa An through the countryside to the basecamp of the Golden Rock
After breakfast you will go by bus to Kyaikto - your gateway to the sacred and wildly hanging Golden Rock. The journey will take about 4 hours and you will have the beautiful countryside and rice paddie just beyond your bus windows.
Upon arrival in Kyaikto, hire a Tuk Tuk and arrive in Kinpun, your rest place for the night. Kinpun is a small dusty town with just a few shops selling colourful fruit, local dishes and dried beans. The real attraction is its status as basecamp for or gateway to the Golden Rock, which means hundreds of pilgrims, will pass through Kinpun.
You can go up today by truck already, should you prefer – or you can wait until tomorrow.
If you choose to wait, get behind the facade of Kinpun by wandering the small dirt streets, wave to the locals working in their gardens and hang out after dark until the generator runs low. Then have a good night’s sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s hike to the Golden summit.

Meals: Breakfast is included
Accommodation: Overnight at hotel in Kinpun
Transport and Guide: Remember to collect your bus tickets from your guide or hotel reception in Hpa An. Your bus leaves at 08:00 in the morning, and arrives in Kyaikto around 12:30. There will be no guide with you today.
Transport not included: Find your way to Hpa An bus station on your own. We recommend going by Tuk Tuk for around 4000 Kyat, and please allow for 20 mintues transport time. Self transfer from Kyaikto bus station to your hotel in Kinpun (also known as Golden Rock Basecamp). We recommend going by Tuk Tuk, which normally takes around 20 minutes and costs around 3000 Kyat.
Should you wish to go to Golden Rock today, a truck from Kinpun Yatetaung Terminal and return is recommended and will be at your own expense. Trucks run from sunrise to sunsets and never in the dark. See Day 6, practicalities, for more details.

Day 6: Experience Golden Rock in the early morning before returning to Yangon
The Golden Rock, so wildly hanging on its tip, high above the plains. Floating in atmospheric clouds and surrounded by an equal amount of myths and fascination. Popular amongst travellers, yet, mostly a magical site for Buddhist pilgrimages. Every good Buddhist dreams of one day laying eye on this holy shrine. Travellers now often do the same.
The way to here is strenuous, though rewarding. From Kinpun, your truck climbs up the mountain, stopping halfway to allow trucks coming from the opposite direction to pass. Then, at Yatetaung terminal, no more than a dirt square surrounded by a handful of local shops, you disembark to continue by foot. 45 minutes to one-hour uphill. But you do not need to make up excuses to stop along the way; the surroundings, the plains below you are spell-bindingly beautiful. So much that the Golden Rock in itself is just the icing on the cake. The journey as a whole is the experience.
When you have made your way back to Kinpun you are ready for your final destination, to float by bus to bustling Yangon.

Meals: Breakfast is included.
Transport and Guide: Remember to pick up your bus ticket from Kinpun to Yangon at the hotel reception before you go out. Your bus leaves from Kinpun 13:00 and will arrive in Yangon around 19:00.
Transport not included: Self-transfer between Kinpun and Yatetaung terminal (at the foot of the Golden Rock). We recommend going by truck, which normally takes around 30 minutes and costs around 8000 Kyat. Note that the trucks have no fixed departure times, but leave when they are full. Trucks run from sunrise to sunset only.
Note that you will have to walk the last 45-60 minutes from Yatetaung terminal to Golden Rock and back. Note that this is a very steep slope at some points. For those with accessibility concerns or royal fantasies bamboo sedan chairs carried by 4 porters each can be hired for around 12.000 Kyat.
Entrance: Access to Golden Rock is not included. Expect to pay USD 6 per person and an extra USD 2 for camera. Note also, that you may be denied access if you as man wear shorts or as woman wear trousers, miniskirt or a small top. Women are not allowed to get close to the Golden Rock (inner platform), only men are permitted.

Upon arrival in Yangon, your trip ends. Do you need help with accommodation? Your onwards adventure? We will be happy to empty our backpack of knowledge into yours - just contact us for more information!

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