Beijing and Nearby

Shadows and lights playing in the old Hu tongs in the early mornings. A slow lorry overtaken by a shiny black Mercedes driven by a fur-clothed lady. A street stall selling crisp pie with donkey meat. Rush hour metro packed with shy and curious faces from all over China. For them as well as you, the many people, traffic, and complexity might be overwhelming. But boring it certainly is not.

Beijing and Nearby Trips


Comfort Great Wall Trek (2 Days)

Beijing and NearbyFrom CNY 1,610.00


Great Wall Trek (Full Day)

BeijingFrom CNY 1,270.00


Great Wall Camping (3 Days)

BeijingFrom CNY 2,880.00


Backpacker Great Wall Trek (2 Days)

Great WallFrom CNY 1,375.00


Connect & Stay - Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin...

China OverlandFrom CNY 3,253.00


Backpacker Beijing, Xian, Shanghai Connect &...

China OverlandFrom CNY 5,998.00

Beijing Basecamps