Beijing Urban

Shadows and lights playing in the old Hu tongs in the early mornings. A slow lorry overtaken by a shiny black Mercedes driven by a fur clothed lady. A street stall selling crisp pie with donkey meat. Rush hour metro packed with shy and curious faces from all over China. For them as well as you, its many people, traffic, and complexity might be overwhelming. But boring it certainly is not.

The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tian-men Square, you name it. Beijing has an array of classical attractions. But the city embraces both modern and old. Modern day Beijing is vast, and you need some days, (we suggest minimum 4), to explore its soul. Go by bike through the Hu tongs, taste some Muslim specialties at the street kitchens, and then go to the Forbidden City where half a day can be used exploring its history, gems and checking out other visitors. When the sunsets hang at the lakes and see a Corny yet vibrant Beijing.

Be curious and head for 798, the former factory area, now wild, outstanding and colorful art and café universe where young Chinese wanna-bees flow all day and night. Beijing might be big but with its fine though crowded metro with an impressing numbers of stations, it is easier to commute than ever before.

Our service office based at the Beijing Jade Hostel, is easy to reach and easy to explore from. It is time to explore modern day Beijing, and its inspiring clash of old and new.

When you need to see the sun again head for the unknown parts of the great Wall

Beijing outskirt and the wall

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