Beijing outskirts and The Great Wall

Like a snake, it creeps, from east to west, from the metropolis of Beijing, through the Inner Mongolia and like the Silk Roads, toward Xinjiang in far west. Seen from the space they say, yet truly human made. Overnight at the wall, trek unknown parts. Get a touch of exploration.

Winding its way across China, more than 6000 kilometers, The Great Wall is significant. The construction was begun by the first Chinese emperor Qin as early as 300 years BC and continued for thousands of years, in steps. It was, primarily built to protect the Chinese empire from the hordes of wild tribes, warlords etc. constantly raiding the provinces.

Most visitors go to the wall from Urban Beijing, and 98% visit the same places where thousands of visitors change the experience, to put it mildly.

Skip the places with hundreds of tour buses. Go further out, trek the wall, sometimes rather strenuous, stay in home-stay, and relax after days in the metropolis. Check out our outskirts packages, that takes you out there beyond the ordinary. Not only to experience the wall, but to get an insight in the life surrounding the wall.

Tours to The Great Wall


Comfort Great Wall Trek (2 Days)

Beijing and NearbyFrom CNY 1,610.00


Great Wall Trek (Full Day)

BeijingFrom CNY 1,270.00


Great Wall Camping (3 Days)

BeijingFrom CNY 2,880.00


Comfort Beijing, Xian, Shanghai Connect & Sta...

China OverlandFrom CNY 8,140.00


Backpacker Great Wall Trek (2 Days)

Great WallFrom CNY 1,375.00


Backpacker Beijing, Xian, Shanghai Connect &...

China OverlandFrom CNY 5,998.00

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