The Silk Road – China (Backpacket and Comfort)

Sand dunes continuing into the horizons, bustling cities with traders from all over Asia, Temples covered in the smells of incense. Colours, speed and life, mixed with the vast slow untouched nature in Chinas Backlands.

For centuries The Silk Road was the core connection between China and the European region. A string of trade routes from the Eastern shores of the China Sea, and criss crossing thorugh mountains and deserts in China, through Central Asia into Europe’s eastern premises. Along the silk road in China, small towns grew to become important trade places, and culture thrived. In old days silk road travel was a major undertaken: Dusty, slow and dangerous at times, the trip on camels, by foot and through all kind of weather took months. Today a long fascinating train ride take you west, with multiple stops connecting Xian with Turfan, until it ends in Urumchi close to Xinjiang. We have taken care of accommodation, trains and pick ups. Then you explore the locations on you own. Go Beyond the ordinary China. Go on a Silk Road tour.

Tours at the Silk Road