Prayer flags above a turquoise lake. Wild horses grassing in the golden light of the early hours. Worn out chinese trucks on remote gravel roads. Nomads on the way to their summer pasture with their yurts on their yaks. In the backlands Tibet is still very Tibetan. But in the towns, a touch of modern China is now unquestionable.

Modern day Lhasa is very Tibetan and very Chinese at the same time. See Prostrating pilgrims at the Jokhang monastery in the heart of Lhasa; lighten up by hundreds of butter candles. Check out Chinese department stores where curious nomads can be seen testing the escalators. Hangout in with young Tibetan lovers, in the gardens of Dalai Lamas old summer palace Norbulinka. Visit the stoic Potala. Its still a fantastic flow through the hundreds of rooms, with its fine earthen colors, though today less lively with Monks than in its heydays.

Beyond Lhasa is a wild and rough, mind blowing landscape. With fragmented monasteries like Ganden, old villages and fine lakes. And those fortunate ones that continue south, into Nepal, will experience a true rite de passage. From the golden barren moon landscape of Tibet, you go in through the Himalayas with its rugged and wild peaks. Then when your are through the pass, and into Nepal, green valleys appears, with flowers, smells, and all new colors.. For now Tibet is not open for true individual travel. But that might change again one day.

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