Xian and Quinlin Mountains

Xian, named the eastern gateway to The Silk Road, is at the same time a story of old trading days, and a postmodern Chinese metropolis. For most people, Xian is known though for Emperor Shihuang’s Terracotta Army. Though a big tourist attraction, with a loss of the option most likely of a quiet stroll here on your own, it is still impressing and extraordinary.

But it is also a place with hundreds of clubs and bars and discos, and beauty parlor’s. Out side Xian, but easy to reach, are the Quin Lin Mountains, fine for short treks. Many travellers visit Xian in a combination with Urban Beijing. Xian is at the crossroads. Head East again for Shanghai south for Tibet and Yunnan. Or east into remote lands beyond the ordinary along present days silk road, that again, with Chinese production moving east, and Russian and Kazak interests moving east, is bustling with new, sometimes obscure energy. But going east you need time to make it worthy.

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Silk Road Adventure (16 Days)

The NorthwestFrom CNY 7,601.00

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