Unique Experiences:
Experience Bangkok's Old Town at night and by tuk-tuk to better appreciate the history and culture of the city.
Gaze at the sunset and enjoy a 360-degree view from atop the Golden Mount temple.
Experience the heart of Bangkok's Old Town and try its selection of local-approved street food.
Visit Wat Po temple at night and experience seeing the highlights without hordes of other tourists.
Make your way through the 24-hour Flower Market and its hundreds of stores and market stands.
Trip Length: Half-Day

Up to 16 travelers (8 tuk-tuks) may book this tour. This is a shared experience.

Meals: Snacks ("Street Food")
Miscellaneous: English-speaking guide, Tuk Tuk driver, Entrance fees
Travel Insurance (Compulsory)
Tips & Gratuities
Compulsory & Peak Season Surcharges
Age Policy: Adults: 13 to 99 years of age
Children: 3 to 12 years of age
Infants: 0 to 2 years of age



Discover Bangkok's Old Town at Night and in Style!
You'll meet at the designated meething place and begin your evening Bangkok adventure by tuk-tuk! You will experience Bangkok’s "Old Town", located alongside the Chao Phraya river on Rattanakosin Island. With the temperatures a little cooler and most tourists on the way back to their hotels, you'll be transported on your own open-air tuk-tuk and driver. As we make our way along, we'll snack on Bangkok's famous and delicious street-food from the same places which the locals frequent. You'll be accompanied by a friendly, local and licensed English-speaking tour guide who will spin (true) tales of the history and culture of this ancient town.

We'll meet up at the designated meeting place and jump in our tuk-tuks and take a spin up Bangkok's first paved road and cross over into the southern section of Rattanakosin Island, in what has been Bangkok's Chinatown district since the first settlers moved there in the 16th century. We won't stay too long as we'll hasten to the mighty Golden Mount temple where we'll climb its staircase to admire the sunset and its 360-degree view of Old Town Bangkok.

From the Golden Mount we'll descend into the heart of the Old Town to the famous Giant Swing. This area is well-known by locals for its delectable street food, which we'll sample as we walk the backstreets of the city's heart. We'll experience first-hand the secret of Thai food - the balance needed between sour, sweet, bitter and salty flavors. With our bellies full and under the cover of night, we'll head over for a quick selfie or seven at a special place with a backdrop of the Grand Palace at night. Our moment forever captured on our phones, we'll enter the Wat Po temple that only hours ago was jammed with tourists and now lays blissfully quiet as we make our way around this magical complex.

The hour late, we'll wonder what more can be seen and experienced this late at night. Our last stop is Bangkok's 24-hour flower market, an area of town that never sleeps and plays an integral part in answering the question of how all the shrines and temples of Thailand can be adorned with flowers in both quantity and quality. We'll walk through the market stalls and down the back-streets to get a flavor of the hustle and bustle that make the capital city so famous.

We'll finish around 20:30 and, as our experience comes to an end, we'll give you the choice of riding back to to the meeting point where we started, or continue your tuk-tuk journey and be dropped off at Bangkok's world-famous Khao San Road so you can party with the backpacker crowd from all over the world!

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