A pop up barbershop with mirror and the lot, right in the middle of street. 2 holy cows setting all traffic on hold in Connaught place. A Sikh in full ornate shouting in Pidgin English, at two old gentlemen in a Rickshaw. Workers carrying massive cinema billboards with wild horror scenes. Delhi might be poor, chaotic and crazy but boring it is certainly not.

A Burgundy Rolls Royce, shinned up to game, carrying a belly showing Sari clothed beauty to Hotel Imperial, for High tea. She stops by a food stall, her favorite chosen one, out side the metro station for a mouthwatering treat. In Delhi as in India, the contrast between poor and wealthy is wild problematic. But a new strong middleclass is growing, that will change India the next decade. Central Delhi has changed slower than many other Asian metropolises. But outside the core, many new quarters have grown up steadily.

For most newcomers Delhi is head on, too intense, and they just want to leave fast.

But if you pause it a bit, and let Go Beyond take you on bicycling in the crisp mornings, on a walk with former street children as guides, and let Vinay and his team inspire and comfort you, Delhi will be more than just a pass through. It will be a fine memory, and the perfect learning curve, before heading out in the hustling bustling, lovely Indian landscape beyond. Make Delhi both the gateway to Rajasthan, Varanasi or the Himalayas. An experience in it self!

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