High altitude Moonscapes. Vast turquise lakes. Monks reciting Buddhist prayers at remote hermitages, deep inside the mountains. A sense and touch of Tibet, but within India. You are in Ladakh. An addictive and serene spot in the Western Himalayas. A place you might never want to leave.

In Ladakh, mostly above 4000 meters, trees are few. But when sun rises, the mountains get an abundance of different colors. Black,, dark red, yellowish. Ladakh is part of India. However, where India its mostly Hindu, Ladakh it is mostly Buddhist. Not far to the north, is the Tibetan border and Ladakh is influenced with Tibetan culture and traditions. In nature, Religion, Everything.

The prime season for trekking in Ladakh is summer. From May when the snow in the passes melts, through June, July and August, where festivals at the monasteries are vivid, full of dance and wild colors, and the weather is sunny, clear and crisp.

Your first stop in Ladakh will probably be Leh, the gateway to Ladakh. And to Western Himalaya. So when you are ready, do no stop here. Allow yourself to immerse in the spirit of Ladakh. Then explore Western Himalaya. Well beyond the ordinary.

Tours in Indian Himalaya


Chandertal Lake and Base of Deo Tibba Trek (5...

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 19,274.00


Rafting Tour in Rishikesh - 4 Days

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 20,000.00


Manali and Chandertal Baralacha (12 Days)

Indian HimalayaFrom 20,000.00


Comfort Himalayan Safari Delhi to Leh Journey...

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 59,064.00


Sham Homestay Trek (5 Days)

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 17,990.00


Markha Valley Trek (8 Days)

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 42,285.00


Dodital Trek - 8 Days

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 56,667.00


Gangotri Glacier & Beyond Tour - 11 Days

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 113,333.00

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