Unique Experiences:

•  Is time not an issue? Get all the best, including the comfort, from the “Best of Mumbai 4D” tour, but add that extra spice to your Mumbai days
•  Go way beyond the typical tourist sights and see the real side of Mumbai through a tour with public transport – go into the suburbs and observe the millions of working class heroes and world famous Dabbawallahs
•  Experience the Dharavi Slum – the heart of the city, a thrilling bike ride in Mumbai’s backstreets, a Bollywood movie and take in local life when day becomes night


Small Group Exploration spiced with Shared Group Experiences
Normally no more than 2-5 people on the tour, yet part of the itinerary/day tours are Shared Group Experiences:
Dharavi Slum Tour, Bicycle Tour, Mumbai by Night Tour and Suburban Tour by Public Transport: Occasionally, there may be more than 8 participants
Note that you can book 1 person on this program, but we cannot guarantee more participants on the overall tour.

Trip Length: 5 Day(s) 4 Night(s)
Tour Departure Dates: Every day
Travel Season:

Throughout the year
June to August is considered to be the rainy season

Type of Transportation: Taxi/mini van, Bicycle and Walking
Type of Accommodation: Guest House in standard room with private bathroom – 1 star hotel or similar
Physical Rate: 1/5
Included in Price:

Meals: 4 x Breakfasts.
Accommodation: 4 nights at guesthouse/budget hotel.
Entrance Fees: Bollywood Movie Show.
Transport: Private car for airport/train station pickup w/road taxes and parking fees. Driver speaks basic English.
Activities: Dharavi Slum Tour; Mumbai Bicycle Tour, Mumbai by Night Tour and Suburban Tour by Public Transport.

There is no overall guide on the tour, but English speaking tour guides during the pre-organized day tours.

Excluded from Price:

•  Meals other than the one mentioned in “Included in price”.
•  Visas, travel insurance (compulsory)
•  Entry fees at the monuments
•  Personal guide for the whole trip
•  Local transports to reach the starting point of each trip within city.

All other expenses not stated as included in the above


Locations Visited:
Mumbai, Dharavi Slum, Dhobhi Ghat, Juhu Beach, Colaba, Red Light, Suburbs
Start City:
End City:


Day 1: Arrive in Mumbai
Welcome to Mumbai - The financial capital of India! Upon arrival, look for the man with a Visit Beyond logo at the exit point of the arrival hall. This is our local representative who will transfer you to your hotel by taxi. Overnight at hotel in Mumbai.

Standard check-in time is 12:00 noon. If you arrive past midnight/early in the morning we recommend that you book the package starting one day before your arrival date. This allows you to check in and go to sleep immediately when you arrive at your guesthouse/hotel. In due case, please note that you will then have your first day according to Day 2 in the itinerary.

Day 2: Dharavi slum Tour
Enjoy the morning on your own by visiting Gateway of India OR relax to battle jet lag if you have arrived from a long journey or very late in the night. Later, you will go for a Dharavi slum tour. To participate in this tour, you need to reach the Church Gate Railway station no later than 13:45 pm in the afternoon. Meeting point is Wheeler book stall located near the ticket window, about 50 meters before the platforms.
On this tour, you will see the area which is the heart of small scale industry in Mumbai. Many people know Dharavi as the 'largest slum in Asia,' but there is much more to this historic area of Mumbai than poverty. When passing through the residential spaces, you will undoubtedly feel the sense of community and spirit that exists in the area. People from all over India live in Dharavi.
This trip takes you to the following areas, which becomes the highlight of this trip as well:
Recycling area:Old computers, parts and plastics come from all over the world to Dharavi to be recycled. See the recycling plants in which separation and melting of plastics takes place.
Rooftop visit:There is nothing like the view from a Dharavi factory rooftop. The tin hutments that house so many human lives stretch as far as you can see, and birds screech overhead in the blue sky. You will never forget this view!
Biscuit bakery:Tea biscuits and snacks that one can buy anywhere in Mumbai, are made here - hot and fresh at the source!
Popaddom making:Watch the women of Dharavi make popaddoms, the essential appetizer of any Indian meal, by sun drying them on wooden baskets that are turned upside-down Kumbharwada pottery colony:Watch artisans create all types of pots out of unfired, sundried clay.
Community centre:The Community Centre, supported by funds from the tour, provides education in English, computers and other soft skills to the teenagers and young adults of Dharavi. Other activities take place here such as a library and indoor games. Visitors experience what matters most to the men, women and children that make this dynamic community one of the most vibrant places in Mumbai.
This Trip ends at around 17:00 in the evening in Dharavi. After the tour either come back to your hotel or enjoy the evening on your own. Overnight at hotel.
Day 3: Bicycle Trip, Bollywood Movie Show & Bombay - By Night Tour
Mumbai is an entirely different place before the day starts: serene and peaceful, with light and mist spreading through the sky and promising another opportunity to every person in the city. Come and see for yourself, and enjoy a little exercise with today’s bike tour. The trip starts early before the roads get crowded and we generally try to avoid the major roads and use the inner streets wherever possible. The trip will start at 06:15 am from Kailash Parbat Restaurant located ahead of Electric House, near Colaba Market, 1ST Pasta Lane in Colaba.
The bicycle tour is very easy riding; the terrain is flat, and you go at a slow pace and stop regularly to see sights and to listen to the guide telling about the trip.
See these places during the bicycle tour:
CST station: See one of the busiest railway stations in the country at rush hour and the site where the award-winning movie "Slumdog Millionaire" was shot.
Sassoon Dock:Built by David Sassoon, this dock is the main fish loading and trading centre in South Mumbai. The people working in this community are Kolis - the original inhabitants of Mumbai city.
Bombay Panjrapole:One of the oldest spaces used for the welfare of cows.
Mumbadevi Temple:Historical Hindu temple after which 'Mumbai' city was named. Here, one can receive 'prasad,' blessings from Hindu priests.
Marine Drive:Cycle on the 3km long walkway along the coast of Arabian Sea. It's popular in the evenings, for the beautiful view and the amazing snacks. However, a trip along Marine Drive in the morning entails a mysterious, sleepy view out over the ocean. Enjoy the peace and beauty of this view!
The trip ends near Regal cinema (Colaba area) at around 09:30 am. After the bicycle trip, come back to your hotel or continue city explorations on your own.
Bollywood Movie Show
In the afternoon, go for a bollywood movie show in a traditional Indian cinema hall. Even if you don’t understand a word of Hindi, we are hopeful that you will enjoy the three hours story. We say this because human expressions work without language barriers.
Please note: The movie starts approximately 2 p.m. and you will be handed the movie tickets by our representative when you arrive in the airport/train/bus station. We always try to get you the movie show at Regal cinema (same place where the cycle trip ends). However, due to changing movie times and limited seats, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case.
In the evening you will go for a night tour in Mumbai
Mumbai – By Night Tour.
Mumbai never sleeps and has a different atmosphere at night time. As the heat of the day evaporates teenagers, lovers, families and the elderly head out to enjoy the weather. Places like Marine Drive are crowded with Mumbaikars walking around or sitting and enjoying the gold-edged and rose-coloured sunset. The trip starts at 19:00 pm. You need to reach Regal cinema, Colaba on your own where the trip starts from.
Places to Visit
Chowpatty Beach:Witness friends and families enjoying this action-packed beach, consuming coconut water, ice creams and Indian snacks such as bhel puri.
Banganga Tank:Originally built in 1127 and surrounded by Hindu temples. The water from this famous tank is believed to have special healing powers. Rumour has it that its spring comes from the holy Ganges river.
Jain Temple:This is considered one of the most beautiful, intricately-decorated temples in the city. Jainism, an Indian religion, prizes peacefulness and non-violence above all.
Kamala Nehru Park:Visit one of Mumbai's greenest and most peaceful areas on top of Malabar Hill. You won't believe the extraordinary view over Marine Drive and the Arabian Sea!
Antilia building:Get a street view of the two billion dollar home of business tycoon Mukesh Ambani- of Reliance group. Ostentatious monstrosity or architectural masterpiece?
The trip ends at CST Railway station at around 21:30 p.m. Proceed to your hotel on your own.
Day 4: Public transport tour
After breakfast, you will see the real side of Mumbai through public transport tour. You will travel by the famous suburban train, by bus and by taxi. Observe the millions of members of Mumbai's working class as they head out to work in the morning. The trip starts at 08:30 am outside the famous Regal Cinema, located in Colaba area.
In the areas that you visit today, you will see some of Mumbai's hardest-working labourers and discover Mumbai beyond the typical tourist sites. You will see a number of different markets and the world famous Dabbawallahs. This view of the Maximum city will truly give you an idea of the struggle and challenges felt by the working class, as well as a sense of their unconquerable spirit.
Explore Mumbai during Public transport tour
CST station: See one of the busiest railway stations in the country at rush hour and the site where a scene of the award-winning movie "Slumdog Millionaire" was shot. Based on St Pancreas Station in London, this World Heritage Site is gloriously lit up in the evening.
Chor Bazaar:One of the largest, bustling flea markets in the whole country, Chor Bazaar (literally 'Thieves Market') sells almost anything! Taste local sweets, or take home delicious home-made pickles and chutneys!
Null Bazaar:A lively fruit, vegetable, fish and meat market. Visually impressive and full of powerful, varied smells and fragrances.
Dhobi Ghat:At Mahalaxmi see the dhobiwallahs, or washermen, scrubbing sheets from Mumbai's largest hospitals and hotels at this busy outdoor laundry area!
Dadar Flower Market:In India, flowers are used everywhere - in temples, in taxis, at home, in women's hair, and for all kinds of worship. Here, you might see more flowers in one place than ever seen before!
Dabbawallahs:The dabbawallah operation is one of the most organised unwritten systems in the world. Every day, millions of lunches are collected from individual homes and then delivered to offices and worksites. Check out this phenomenon at Church gate, a famous railway station in South Mumbai.
The tour ends at 12:00 noon at Churchgate Railway staton. After finishing the trip explore Mumbai on your own.
Over night at hotel.

Day 5: Mumbai
Check out from the hotel and proceed to next destination.
You will get all the information of Day to Day Activities and Movie tickets from our representative at the time of arrival in Mumbai.

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