Touching the foothills of Himalayas, along the banks of the sacred river Ganges - Here lies the city of Rishikesh, also known as the “Place of Sages” is a spiritual town situated 25 kms upstream from Haridwar, at the confluence of the Chandrabhaga and Ganga and surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills on three sides. The whole place is considered to be sacred as it is believed that meditation at this place leads to attainment of salvation.

While on one hand it’s the land of Yoga, Meditation and calmness for the heart and the soul, Rishikesh is your escape from everyday life, and from the explorative trails to the unknown. Press pause on the travel button and put down your backpack for a few days.

And on the other hand Rishikesh has also earned the title of the river rafting capital of India. It's one of the favourite destinations of every adventure enthusiast and rafting down the mighty Ganges is a dream come true for all adventure seekers. You don’t have to be able to swim and no prior white water rafting experience is necessary. The holy river Ganges offers another side to it. A rafting trip here not only gets your adrenaline pumping but also gives you an insight into the Hindu religion and lives of people living around it.

There are many temples-some ancient, some new along the river Ganges. The River side is dotted by the ashrams of Sadhus and Sages. Rishikesh represents the site where God Vishnu vanquished the demon Madhu.

So, do daily yoga in peaceful surroundings, overlooking the River Ganges. Being in a small town, everything is nearby, and there’s plenty of space to unwind and unwrap your soul, to de-stress and to rejuvenate to start afresh.

Tour in Rishikesh


Rafting Tour in Rishikesh - 4 Days

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 20,000.00


Backpacker Rishikesh Yoga Retreat (7 Days)

Indian HimalayaFrom INR 24,455.00