Tiger and Game Parks

Movements under distant trees. A smell that suddenly freezes a group of passing deer’s before they escape in high jumps. A light breeze in the grass at a waterhole. Massive Footprints from the elusive master predator. The tiger is here. You might have luck to have a glimpse. You might see tigers playing in the first sunrays, nobody knows. To do gaming in India is about elusiveness, persistence, and sensibility.

India has a fine string of more than 100 national parks and game parks. In north we have Corbett National Park. In Northeast, Manas, Kaziranga and Sundarbans down in west Bengal. In Central India, Bandhavgarh. In Rajasthan, Ranthambore, and Keoladeo. Just to name a few.

Ranthambore for instance, is one of the finest reserves to see a Bengal tiger, and can be easily visited in a combination with the Rajasthan desert. A visit to a national park in India, is about the chance of the right moment. Unlike Africa this is forest and not open savannahs, with fewer animal sightings. But then when it happens, the more magical it tends to be.

India has a strong committed conservation movement. But also continuous conflicts between a growing population and maintenance of a sustainable national park system.
As a rather new thing, crowds of young Indians are bringing friends and a big laugh. It is perfect that the young urban Indian generation, the middleclass, now go gaming. This will definitely help conserving nature in the future. Curious? Lets take you beyond the ordinary.

Tours in Tiger Parks