Luang Namtha - adventures far north

Deep forests. Small villages hidden in valleys, reached by fragile suspension bridges. Abundance of wildlife with no sense of boundary. A footprint of an elusive deer in the mud at the river brink. Hornbills flying above the canopies in the early mornings, to wild fruit trees where they will spend the day.

In the Luang Namtha area, in the northwestern corner of Laos, we are far away from beaten tracks. Here, very close to the border of Chinas Yunnan province, are one of the finest national parks in Indochina and a true haven for adventures. It is beautiful and quite remote here, but it is also a fragile land prone to change like many other fine eco systems, in our modern world.

Luang Namtha sits on an old crossroad that for travelers might be ignited again soon Crossroads that connects Laos with Yunnan, Thailand and Burma. For the curios soul the explorations here are heavenly

For now, we have focused on trekking and kayaking, with a touch of culture. We stay in homestays here, giving you a chance to taste the local delicatessens’ and homebrewed stuff. Go beyond the ordinary. Go Luang Namtha. Go now.

Tours in Luang Namtha