Vang Vieng

Karst mountains, covered in rainforest trees. A Mekong river that speeds up on its way towards south. Guesthouses with laidback ambience, and travelers with party searching eyes. Small dusty roads asking for explorations into the backlands.

The original reason for Viang Viengs fame was the setting right on the Mekong, the fine limestone karst, the backdrop of mountains, the wild dense forest, topped with some comfortable well run guesthouses.

Then through the 2000s Viang Vieng became the soft adventure hangout and get pissed place.
It escalated in 2012, where the absurd combination of drugs, booze and the not so good idea of jumping of cliffs or tubing down a huge river resulted in death for young travelers. Regulators came in, it was necessary, and things changed for the better.

You can still hang out here, its less wild now yes, but you can still have a whisky looking out at the river, and many travelers use Viang Vieng as a laid back stop over before heading north or south. It is worth the stop here.

And if you are into adventure, and love abseiling, zip lining, a bit of climbing and the outdoor, we have just that, as part of our tour from Vietiane to Luang Prabang or vice versa. Go beyond the ordinary. Climb off the beaten track.

Tours in Vang Vieng