Chitwan and The Terai

Everybody freeze. A sudden movement in the high grass. The guide mark that everybody should be quiet now. A Rhino appears with its young baby. Eats slowly from some crisp leaves. Then a short moment after, they disappear again. Small whispers, as the team withdraw, heading for new ground, and more sightings.

In the lowlands of Nepal, called the Terai, you will find some of the finest national parks. Most famous are the Royal Chitwan National Park, and the Bardia National Park. Chitwan is the easy to access and most famous of the national Parks in Nepal. Therefor also the most visited. The prime sights here are the Rhinos, and chances are close to 100% that you will get close to one. You might be lucky to see a gharial crocodile or sloth bears.

Bardia is more remote; either reached by plane via the town of Nepal Ganj, or a very, very long drive overland from Kathmandu. It is remote, but known as the best place in Nepal to have a chance to see the Bengal tiger. As with the tiger parks in India, it is about the chance of the right moment. Unlike Africa, Bardia National park is forest and not open savannahs, with fewer animal sightings. But then when it happens, the more magical it tends to be.

If you are into birding, we have a few tips as to places up our sleeve. Send us a special request for further details.

Tours in Chitwan and The Terai


Chitwan National Park Explorer - Kathmandu to...

Chitwan & TeraiFrom USD 199.00


Kathmandu to Delhi Explorer (10 Days)

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Delhi to Kathmandu Explorer - 10 Days

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