Trekking Mount Everest National Park

An eagle circles, caressed by the up wind, up and up, above the mighty snow capped peaks. Mount Everest, Cho Oyo and Lhotse are close by, yet hundreds of other mountains raises further away. Then it folds it wings and go deep. Deep into the green valleys below, with potato fields and barley, and small Sherpa villages perched on the ridges. Down to a roaming river, for a kill so very unexpected.

Mount Everest. Chongmulongma. Sagarmatha. The worlds highest mountain, at8.848 meter is famous among climbers, holy for the Sherpas and Tibetans, has 3 names. SoluKhumbu as this area is also called, lies to the east from Kathmandu and is with the Annapurna chain in the west of Nepal, the two most famous trekking areas in Nepal.

Today most people shorten the trekking in this area by flying in and out of Lukla, in a bit under 3000 meter. Trekking in The Everest area is for those who look for high alpine trekking, where you trek between 3000 and 5500 meters height. Due to the altitude acclimatization is important.

Here most treks are done as Tea House treks staying in small mountain Guest Houses on the way, and a guide and possible porter accompany you.

In Everest National Park the best trekking season is spring, marts to May, and autumn, September including November. In spring, the rhododendrons flowers blossoms and all is crispy green. This is the time where expeditions gather at the basecamps. Autumn is clearest, after the summer monsoon is over, and temperatures are perfect for trekking

Tours in Everest


Everest High Pass Trek & Tea House (20 Days)

Everest RegionFrom USD 2,342.00


Mera Peak Trek (20 Days)

Everest RegionFrom USD 4,754.00


Everest Base Camp & Tea House Trek (13 Days)

Everest RegionFrom USD 1,462.00