Arugam Bay

Surfers with salt water hair and surfboards under their arms. On their way into the water yet again, scouting for that perfect wave. On shore hammocks lure laidback travellers to lean back and go with the flow. To stay for another day. And yet another…

Arugam Bay is neatly tugged away from the regular tourist trail – merely a dot on the map, along the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Once a sleepy fishing village it is now known amongst surfers to feature what is regarded as one of the best surf spots in all of Sri Lanka. The best time to visit is in the European summer and autumn months roughly running from May to October.

Despite its fame amongst surfers, Arugam Bay has still maintained its local, laidback flavor. It’s home to just a few hundred people, and life is unfolded along a single road, running parallel to the coast. Even if you are not a surfer, you will find comfort in the hammocks and beachfront guesthouses. Where you can hang out for days without end and gather energy for your onwards Sri Lankan adventures.

Tours in Arugam Bay


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