Colombo and Negombo

Colombo. Old trees with impressive canopies, sometimes carrying flowers right in the city centre. Delicate short eats and tea served at street kitchens, packed with food lovers every night. Yet its calm and quieter then any other capital city in Asia. Negombo, an hour to the north is touristy beach stop but easy to access from the airport.

Before heading to the beaches or into the mountains and interior, most travellers stay near the airport, and choose between Colombo and Negombo.

Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, is a fine vibrant metropolis, small in an Asian context with only 5 million people, but worth an exploration, Colonial remains from the Dutch, Portuguese and British periods are everywhere. A number of parks give the town a green feel. Cricket is an obsession in Sri Lanka.

Join the wild ignited crowd at one of the big cricket matches, or hang out with fathers and grandfathers and enjoy kids doing early exercises in Colombos parks.

We mostly accommodate our guests in Colombo. For the tours heading north, we typically accommodate people in Negombo for easier transfers north.

If you prefer to travel on your own, we recommend an arrival package to have an easy landing.

Urban Arrival in Colombo Negombo


Arrival Package in Colombo

ColomboFrom INR 21,182.00


Arrival Package in Negombo

NegomboFrom INR 18,011.00


Arrival Package in Colombo

ColomboFrom INR 7,378.00