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Working as a tour operator in South-East Asia for over 30 years, Go Beyond Asia is your ideal partner for finding unimaginable adventure. Whether it is an multi-day trekking tour deep into the jungle or an adrenaline-fuelled treetop adventure that only lasts a few minutes, we have listed our most exciting and challenging tour offers on this page.

And if you can’t find what you are looking for, we have a team of Tour Advisors on standby who are eager to customise the perfect Thailand adventure for you and your group. Whether you are with a family or friends from college, get in touch now so we can create the a tailor-made experience for you and your group.

What can you expect from our Adventures

At Go Beyond Asia, we already pride ourselves in taking the road less traveled, and we consider our “adventure” tours an extension of that idea. They’re not for everyone, and you should be ready to challenge yourself. But we chose these unique experiences because the rewards will be equally mesmerising.

A word on comfort: As some of our Thailand adventures can be found in remote areas, spending the night in a homestay, a tent or hammock is not uncommon. As mentioned earlier, we recommend talking to our travel advisors about your accommodation options for the Thailand Adventure you have in mind. Plus, many of our trips can be tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Thailand Adventures and sustainability

When you are traveling in Thailand, we predict that at a certain moment in time, you will question your role, your impact on nature and the culture of this country. Just like we, as Go Beyond Asia, have to ask ourselves whether the tours and expeditions that we organise are sustainable. For instance, we are not affiliated with an organisation offering elephant rides and do not support this practice. Likewise, we disassociate ourselves from tiger temples and do not organise excursions to longneck villages.

If you wish to read more about our philosophy on sustainability, what we do, and do not recommend, and how we consciously seek to minimise impact, follow this link.

Thailand Adventure Tours

Ranger Tour - Wild Jungle Adventure - 5 Days

Central ThailandFrom THB 18,900.00

Zipline Adventure Chiang Mai (Half Day)

The North (Thailand)From THB 2,000.00

River Kwai Adventure (3 Days)

Central ThailandFrom THB 6,900.00

What is a good time for your Thailand Adventure?

You can go trekking in Thailand year round, though some trekking areas may be better at certain times of the year than others. This will be mentioned under each area.

In general, Thailand has 3 seasons:

The “winter” or “cold” season runs from November to February and is often thought of as the best time to travel in Thailand. At this time of year, it is dry and temperatures are at their lowest, around 30 degrees during the day. This is also the time of year, where most people will travel, so do expect to share your experiences with others.

The “summer” or “hot” seasons runs from March to May where the temperature can climb up to 40 degrees during daytime. Expect the humidity to be fairly high. Many Thai travel long weekends during this period, but in general, expect fewer travellers.

The “wet” or “rainy” season runs from June to October, and can bring heavy and regular rainfall. However, this is also the season when nature is at its greenest, and rivers and waterfalls at their largest.

Also take note that it can be quite cold during nighttime (below 10 degrees).

A little more about Thailand and its adventurous areas

Exclusive to Go Beyond Asia, UMPHANG is part of a UNESCO-certified and protected Wildlife Sanctuary. Situated at the Western national border between Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand, it features a dense wall of mountains, jungle and rainforest, effectively separating Umphang from the rest of Thailand.

This unique situation allows for perfect and unspoilt adventures, plus Umphang is home to the largest waterfall in Thailand, Tee Lor Su. Just after the rainy season when it grows to its biggest size, the waterfall can be up to 200 meters high and 400 meters wide – or the same as 4 football fields.

What makes Umphang so special, is its remote location, allowing it to avoid a developing tourist industry. As one of our guests, you will have the opportunity to stay in villages far from the beaten path, and experience life in the jungle, just like the locals. Go Beyond Asia has operated Umphang trekking trips since 1991, and we are still the only operator in the area. Read more about the Umphang Jungle or find your Umphang Jungle Trekking trip.

As the capital of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is Thailand’s jewel of the North. Think of serene mountain views, luscious jungles, and colourful hill tribes. But due to its accessibility, it is also a popular travel destination, and especially the Mae Taeng Valley (only an hour drive North of Chiang Mai) is heavily visited. Having said that, there are areas a little more remote and detached from the regular trial where one can still experience adventure.

We recommend the Chiang Mai Jungle Trekking & Bike tour, where Go Beyond Asia will take you on a trekking adventure in an area largely unexplored by other operators. We offer both one- and multiple-day treks, but similar to some of our other adventures we highly recommend taking at least three days, as this enables you to really experience the jungle. You may also have a unique elephant encounter, raft on bamboo and learn your ways in bushcraft (read all about Go Beyond Asia’s view on sustainability). If you are ready to go beyond Chiang Mai, there is another great trekking location in mountainous Chiang Rai to the North, and towards Mae Hong Son to the West, on the Burmese border.

Khao Yai national Park is a only a 3- to 4 hour drive Northeast of Bangkok, making it a convenient adventure destination for Bangkok travelers. While most tourists enjoy day tours into the park to watch wild animals, we recommend staying overnight at one of the ranger stations. Waking up in the middle of it all as opposed to driving there adds to the unique experience and there a big chance you will have the waterfalls and beautiful scenery all to yourself. Khao Yai National Park is a true nature experience, and it is the wildlife and jungle encounters we focus on rather than local indigenous lifestyles. If you ever wanted to experience a jungle night from inside a hammock, this is the place. This is not for the fainthearted, but for truly adventurous spirits, as it is not uncommon to come across tracks left by poachers. Read more about the Ranger Tour in Khao Yai National park.

Kanchanaburi is a 3 hour drive on the westside of Bangkok, and dishes up some surprisingly good trekking for travelers in a hurry. The jungle is not as dense as further up North, but the scenery is still spectacular and the smiles always friendly. How about a River Kwai Adventure where you get a 3-day trekking experience just a few hours away from Bangkok?

Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand is the country’s oldest rainforest, providing a slightly different experience from the mountainous jungle up north. Khao Sok is also home to the Khao Sok River, and the manmade dam Cheow Lan Lake. Trekking in Khao Sok National Park is mostly done in day tours, and you will inevitably see other travellers in the area. However, it is possible to stay at small, unique lodges hidden in the rainforest, so you can wake up to the sound of the Gibbons calling.

Trekking in Khao Sok National Park can be done all year round, and each seasons offers different benefits. In the rainy season the waterfalls and rivers are high and lively, and in the dry season, adventure awaits in dark caves and hidden trails.

Thailand Adventure Tours

Ranger Tour - Wild Jungle Adventure - 5 Days

Central ThailandFrom THB 18,900.00

Zipline Adventure Chiang Mai (Half Day)

The North (Thailand)From THB 2,000.00

River Kwai Adventure (3 Days)

Central ThailandFrom THB 6,900.00


You can read more about travelling in Thailand and what to expect here, Know Before you Go - Thailand.

If you still have questions, or would like to know more about adventures in thailand, please contact us on the form below. We will be happy to empty our backpack of knowledge into yours.

We wish you a great trip to this remote and beautiful national park.

Safe onwards travels.

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