River Kwai and Kanchanaburi

The Death Railway. The River Kwai. Thousands of prisoners of war loosing their life. The past is the attraction here. But with its fine setting with lush forest, the river flowing by, the cosy ambience here is as much a laid back feel-good place as it is a walk down history lane.

A 1957 blockbuster, The Film The Bridge over the River Kwai, ignited the Fame of Kanchanaburi. The film tells the grueling story about how the Japanese used thousands of allied prisoners of war to help construct a railroad in to Burma. Many of them died during the construction and so did more than 50.000 civil workers. The death railway became the name that stayed.

Today the bridge is an attraction, but the area itself is beautiful and reasons enough to go here. Travellers, both foreigners and thais, go here for a break from Bangkoks bustling intensity, and chill out at the riverside cafes, restaurants and guesthouses. Its laid back but lively as more and more travelers comes here.

Combine your Kanchanaburi explorations with a Lake House Adventure in Sangklaburi. On this floating hideaway, you stay in comfort in the middle of remoteness. Every day we anchor a new place and our guide takes you on small, neat explorations.

Tours in Kanchanaburi


Lazy Days on River Kwai (5 Days)

Central ThailandFrom THB 21,990.00


River Kwai Classic (3 Days)

Central ThailandFrom 21,990.00


River Kwai Adventure (3 Days)

Central ThailandFrom THB 6,900.00


Kanchanaburi Lake Explorer (4 Days)

Central ThailandFrom THB 21,350.00