Koh Kood

So close to the Cambodian border. Three islands laid out as pearls on a string. Three very different identities, each with its own unique story, touch, spice and flavour. One grand and mighty popular, famous in its own right. Another remote and slow, taken over by jungle and local charm. The latter, a smaller overlooked treat squeezed between its bigger siblings. All part of the same marine park, so easy to jump from one to another.

Just before you reach the Cambodian border jump on a boat and enter Koh Chang Marine Park and laidback island days. Regardless of your temper or taste of the day, you’ll find a place that fits you in every way.

There’s Koh Chang, the mother island with easy access and many faces. Stay north at White Sand Beach and be surrounded by life and people. Go further south and find your own hideaway so well fit for families and children. Or go all the way to Lonely Beach for backpacker heaven and perhaps a party night.

Jump on a ship and set sail towards Koh Mak, the often overlooked island further south. Its long deserted sandy beaches, quiet nights and neat accommodation a treat for those looking for laidback days.

Or go remote to Koh Kood, the last frontier and one of our favourite places in Thailand. With its dense green jungle and secret waterfalls, white deserted beaches and sleepy fishing villages on stilts it is as close as it gets to the Thailand people dream about.

Koh Kood is also home to our own resort – Koh Kood Beach Resort, where you can spend laidback days far away from responsibilities and duties. Here’s just space, time and friendliness. So you just have to focus on being together.

Tours in Koh Kood

Accommodation in Koh Kood


Koh Kood Beach Resort

Koh KoodFrom THB 3,500.00


The Beach Resort Koh Kood

Koh KoodFrom 13,300.00


Koh Kood Resort

Koh KoodFrom THB 3,800.00


TinkerBell Privacy Resort

Koh KoodFrom THB 9,450.00


Peter Pan Resort

TradFrom THB 4,900.00


Wendy The Pool Resort

Koh KoodFrom THB 9,700.00


Captain Hook Resort

Koh KoodFrom THB 4,900.00


Cham’s House

Koh KoodFrom THB 6,350.00