Koh Lanta

Long and secluded beaches. Hammocks hanging between 2 tall coconut trees swaying gently in the breeze. Cruising down the dusty roads with small street shops searching for that one spot just for you. Suiting up in your diving equipment and slowly descending, watching your bubbles rise to the sunny surface. So much to do. So little time in island time.

Koh Lanta is different than the other islands in the bay. It is flatter, bigger, with rougher sand and higher coconut palms. An island with slow life and few bars and markets. The island is well and truly adored for its size and diversity as well as for its slow pace. As Koh Lanta is the largest of the islands in the area, and because of the flatness you can easily rent a motor bike and go around the island to explore and find secluded beaches and get the feel that you have everything for yourself.

When arriving at the island you get in on the northern part. This is also the busiest part. The more south you venture down, the more things slow down and the longer there is between the resorts and restaurants. Fear not, it is still possible to find accommodation and street vendors down south, you just find more low key and relaxed atmosphere.

All beaches are on the westcoast, while the eastcoast is mangrove. The beaches vary in size, style and feel. Other than high class relaxation, beautiful beaches and island vibe, Koh Lanta is famous for diving and snorkeling. The marine park surrounding Lanta protects 15 islands and all of them are stunning with their limestone cliffs, amazing coral reefs and picturesque sandy beaches.

And now to the diving! If you are interested in exploring the world below the surface, this is most certainly a place to do it. Hin Muang and Hin Daeng offer world-class diving as these two spots great reef life and are feeding stations for large fish such as tunas, sharks and sometimes even whale sharks and manta rays.

Koh Lanta is mainly known as a hangout for Scandinavian families and couples but it’s still worth a visit even if you are not from the cold north or in a happy couple. Travelling with a friend or travelling solo you will meet other travellers and you can spend your days in a hammock or exploring the offers of the island including some hidden caves and interesting cooking classes or pay a visit to the local bars and watch the sunset with a cold drink in your hand and your toes in the sand.

From Koh Lanta you can head to equally wellknown Koh Phi Phi or Krabi. Or off beat it a bit on Koh Mook or proceed to more remote islands, in Thailands deep south. The ferry or longtails trips might be long but the entire area is beautiful and you will not get bored of the views while you venture further south to more amazing islands and good times.

Accommodation in Koh Lanta


Phra Nang Lanta

 From THB 3,450.00


Southern Lanta Resort

Koh LantaFrom THB 1,450.00


Holiday Villa

Koh LantaFrom THB 1,950.00


La Laanta Hideaway Resort

Koh LantaFrom THB 1,550.00