Koh Mook

One small island out of many along the Andaman coast. One glance at the picturesque beach and lush jungle in the background and you are sure to fall in love. With the scenery. With the idyll. With the days to come. And with the island life where the biggest worry is the go to the pool or the beach; to get a fresh pineapple shake or a cold beer; to have pad thai or fresh seafood for dinner.

Koh Mook is a rather small island with a really low key and relaxed feel to it. There are not many resorts here but you can find both the smaller places and the big high-end resort. A small village in the middle of the island nestled in between the two main beaches. A few local restaurants, shops and a small travel agency. That’s mainly it. But it’s also all you need as you spent your days either on the beach or by the pool. Or exploring some of the smaller surrounding islands.

The island has a rather fancy resort called Sivalai. It’s the only hotel located on Sivalai Beach – the most stunning beach with sugar white sand and bungalows right on the sand with sea view from terrace as well as inside from the bed. The resort is amazing. Beautiful decorated bungalows, a restaurant with a wonderful sea breeze and the scenery, oh the scenery. However, the resort is also not one of the cheaper options. But if you want to opt for a unique experience, try Sivalai.

The other beach is across from Sivalai Beach and is called Farang Beach or Hat Sai Yao. This beach offers a few more options for accommodation with Charlie Beach Resort the biggest and best of them. This resort has a pool, is located right on the beach and is a nice place to stay. If you are on a budget, Charlie Beach Resort has basic bungalows for a cheaper price or you can stay at one of the guest houses for a fair price as well. The beach in itself is very nice but the highlight is definitely the evenings with the sunsets. The sun sets just off the beach so you get a view with the white sand, palms swaying in the wind, blue ocean that stretches out and small green islands dotting the horizon.

Koh Mook is also famous for Emerald Cave. A fine cave with a swim through to get there. It’s best to go there early in the morning, both to escape the crowds coming from Koh Lanta but also to see the lighting fall in just right. The swim through is an experience in itself. You head into the dark mouth in the limestone cliffs and then you swim through complete dark until you finale reach the light. And the Emerald Cave opens up. Lush greeneries, cool lightning and a humidity as in the jungle around a mint green sea lagoon. It’s so very cool and so very quiet.

You can also go on a search for dugongs, the cousin to manatees. They are threatened but the waters around Koh Mook are the best place to spot these animals. Or why not group up and hire a longtail boat with other explorative souls. Here are islands enough to explore, delicious seafood enough to taste. And so little light in the nights that the stars above seems multiplied a hundred times.

Accommodation in Koh Mook


Pawapi Resort

Koh MookFrom THB 3,450.00


Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort

Koh MookFrom THB 3,350.00