Koh Phayam - The backpacker island

Wide soft sandy beaches, and a dense green inland and rich bird life. Where the days are long and laidback and the air full of backpacker vibes and beautiful sunsets.

Koh Phayam is an island that is yet to catch the main stream, partly due to its location out of travellers route. Here the days are long and laidback, with fine options to explore nearby hidden islands and reefs. In the high season the ambience at the small guesthouses and bars are a true backpacker vibe, and the places can get crowded. In low season all gets slow, slow, slow. Most travelers stay longer than expected, enjoying just one more of the beautiful sunsets.

Koh Phayam is on the Andaman Coast, just off the coast from Ranong near the border to Burma. The island is perfect to combine with Koh Chang Noi, its neighbouring island that is so close in distance, yet completely different with its hippie ambience and slow pace. Koh Phayam is best visited from November to April/May, where the weather is fine, the sea calmer and the island open for visitors. Feeling adventurous? Combine, Koh Phayam with Khao Sok National Park for a bite of adventure and mainland jungle life, just 3-4 hours away.

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