Koh Tao

Three islands lining the gulf of Thailand so neatly laid out, next to each other, yet so very different in flavour that there is a reason to visit each of them. For turtles and diving, Koh Tao is your dream. For Full Moon Party, yet remote laidback beaches, Koh Phangan is your best bet. And for that lively coconut island with people and please, Koh Samui is waiting for you.

Whatever is your taste of the day – be it diving, adventure, party, remoteness, city life, airport easiness, one of the 3 islands have what you are looking for. As such, they are a fine combination, and the sea transfers between the islands are good.

Koh Tao. Wake up before sunrise, dive below the surface, for the possible encounter with whale sharks, or beautiful rays. Gently flow with the current, as you take in their magnificence with a snorkel in mouth, all quiet around you. Then join a dive course, as Ko Tao is the perfect place to learn diving whether you are advanced or beginner

Koh Phangan,Scene 1. Loud and wild, Full moon with beers and body paint, buckets and backpackers. Change of scene. Scene 2. Quiet coves of beauty and slowness, a remote beach with place to breath. Worth a visit also for couples and families.

Koh Samui. Beach bars and restaurants. Luxury spas and Reggae bars. Turquoise blue water and long white sandy beaches. Some full of life and people, some even too crowded, but not far away, secret and well hidden coves.

Surat Thani in the main land is the gateway to the islands.

June to August, when it is rainy season at Thailands other beaches and islands, weather at Ko Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan normally is fine!

Tours in Koh Tao


Diving Koh Tao - Advance Open Water Course

South ThailandFrom THB 9,500.00


Diving Koh Tao - Open Water Course

South ThailandFrom THB 11,000.00

Accommodation in Koh Tao


Coral Grand Resort

Koh TaoFrom THB 2,550.00


Seashell Resort

Koh TaoFrom THB 2,800.00


Sensi Paradise Beach Resort

Koh TaoFrom THB 4,050.00