Limestone rocks growing right out of the sea. Sea eagles cruising above. Myriades of islands , with hidden bays, secluded beaches, slowness, seafood, and the occasonal noise from a passing longtail boat. Days that disappear one by another. In a hammock. Or on the back with your feet in the turquise water.

Krabi is a gateway to the bay with many islands and good options for island hopping, but also a town with small street kitchens and local feel, worth a night or 2, before heading out on the beaches. The town in itself is not so big. No more than 30,000 people live here. And then of course all the tourists. However, as this town is not a beach town but a mere 20 minutes drive from sea, they don’t see as many people here. Which is also part of the charm.

The province of Krabi is famous for 2 beaches reached by boat mostly from Krabi pier. Ao Phra Nang and Railey. Before a hidden barefooted paradise with few bungalows. But since they were voted among the finest beaches in the world things changed. Today the beaches are still superb. But remote it’s not any more. The beaches are lined with resorts, big and small, restaurants, big and small, and bars, mostly small. But still it’s an amazing place. Both beaches are surrounded by lush limestone formations and cliffs rising up from the blue waters that invites you in with the sunlight dancing on the surface creating the most perfect background for your holiday retreat.

Rock climbing is a big thing in this province. Both professionals and amateurs come here to rock climb for either just a day or several days. The surroundings for it are just perfect. While struggling to reach the top on the uneven surface, you start to get hot in the heat. But once you reach the top you get rewarded with the most stunning views of the bays. It’s definitely all worth it. And you realize why Krabi is a favorite holiday destination for many.

Or you can spend your day in a longtail boat exploring the small islands in the bay, snorkeling whenever you feel like. The surface is so calm here that you cannot imagine what awaits you when you put on your mask and snorkel. But life is completely different below the surface. So many colorful fishes playing around in the swaying corals, just making you want to get all up close to them. And if you want to get all close, scuba diving is a must try from Krabi. Simply wonderful.

Further out in the bay of Krabi, myriads of islands, most of them with stunning limestone rocks and secluded beaches, invites you to spend more time here. Why not go to Phi Phi Islands and see what the hype about these islands are all about? Or head to Koh Lanta for a laidback fee? Or venture even further south to explore the many many islands here?

Accommodation in Krabi


Phra Nang Inn

KrabiFrom THB 2,800.00


Glur Hostel

KrabiFrom THB 500.00


Aonang Princeville Villa Resort

KrabiFrom THB 3,850.00


Sand Sea Resort - Spa, Krabi

KrabiFrom THB 3,800.00