Green Rice Fields and tempting Mountain Scapes

Crisp green rice paddies in the soft afternoon light. Limestone rocks touching the sky, with small mountain springs at their base, carving their way into the unknown. Dusty villages, colourful and laid-back, all worth a stop to do some explorations.

Nestled in a green lush valley not far from the border to Burma, Mae hong Song were even in the old days a cross road, where multiple roads and tracks lead across the mountain passes into Burma. Here many of the mountains' ethic groups were trading and traveling feely. Today, none of the border points here are officially open for crossing, and life in this remote corner of Northern Thailand is somewhat slower, and fewer travellers find their way here. The closest border crossings are near Mae Sot to the south and Mai Sai to the northeast, both a day journey from Mae Hong Son.

Mae Hong Song itself has some fine small restaurants, where you can try the local dishes such as gay up and gaeng hang lee, chicken and pork casserole. It sports a lake fit for evening walks and beautifully lit temples in the evening. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the evening market, with local produce and delicacies being sold in the early night.

Nature and slow mountain life is the real attraction here. Head northeast, towards what is named Switzerland of Thailand for a day's road trip through waterfalls, villages bamboo forests and slow, slow life. Mae Hong Son is located on the Mae Hong Son loop, a fine mountain road trip that connects Chiang Mai with Pai, Mae Hong Son and Mae Sarieng.

Go towards Pai and stay for the night at the Cave lodge, a legendary place for those into nature, rafting, caving, and simple adventurous life. And go south along the burmese border towards Mae Sariang and local life along the Burmese border… But no matter where you go expect curved mountain roads. It is not for the faint hearted. But it is definitely worth it!

If you need help or inspiration to go beyond the ordinary in Mae Hong Son or Northern Thailand, we're just in the neighbourhood, swing by our Go Beyond Travel Service Center at ECO Resort Chiang Mai - or drop us a note. We can't wait to hear from you!

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