Explore backpacker hangout Pai

From the mountainous, remote countryside to the slowness of laidback Pai. A group of tribal women did the trip this early morning; from outskirts to morning market. Clouds slowly fly above. Music in the distance. A group of individual travellers jamming by the river bend. “I was going to stay here for 3 days, but now it’s been 3 weeks”, said one backpacker. This is what calm, yet funky Pai does to you. It welcomes you, takes you in. Gives you access to adventures off the beaten track. So you might never want to leave.

Pai – gateway to adventures off the beaten track

Pai is a small, cozy town in the very Northern part of Thailand, only 3-4 hours bus ride from Chiang Mai. Often it is the first stop for travellers doing the Mae Hong Son Loop, and thereby the gateway to explorations along the remote Burmese border. To plenty of roads less travelled, ripe for you to explore.

A backpacker hangout

More often than not, individual travellers end up staying longer than expected though. One day becomes three, and three becomes a week.

By now, Pai is well known amongst backpackers as an alternative destination due its beauty and atmosphere. A place that allows you to practice those circus skills, immerse in yoga practice or master your ukulele in the wee hours. Along the Pai River that gentle flows through the city, or in the lush mountainous outskirts.

As the nerve in the city is the infamous Pai walking street. Full of restaurants, coffee shops, market booths and last but not least, arts. Widely known amongst artists, Pai has become a destination for many artists. By now dozens of shops are filled with handcrafts, portraits, photos, you name it.

Go beyond Pai to explore the roads less travelled

If you want to explore the nature around town there are many beautiful spots located near by. Flushing waterfalls when in season. Some, where you can even jump and go for a swim. There’s hot springs, which can be a welcome blessing in the cold mountain mornings. And there are temples so white or so gold that it is a pleasure for the eyes. Be sure not to miss the Pai Canyon either and venture beyond the viewpoint to have it all to yourself.

Not least you have villages and local life all around you. You have Chinese influenced villages and Karen, Hmong, Lisu and Lahu hill tribes. Some are close by while some are in remote areas on the roads less travelled. If you have your own transport you can explore the area at your own pace. Or from our Chiang MaiTravel Service Center, we can help you plan your individual travel trip, to tailor make your tour.

Should you go to Pai?

If you are partygoer, you might find Pai a bit too quiet. There’s no crazy nightlife and you will be bouncing around just a few laidback bars. But Pai is perfect for the backpacker who needs to put down his rucksack for a couple of days. And for the individual travellers, who wants a bite of the mountain life. Note least, it is good spot to meet people travelling around Thailand. So you can add more flavors into your desired itinerary.

Alternative, Attractive and Peaceful. That’s Pai.

Accommodation in Pai


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