Coconut suntan oil, the fresh saltwater breeze, menus in multiple language, long beaches and sex on sale in Phuket. Hundreds of bars, bar girls and storytellers are found near the prime beaches of Phuket. It is not boring here, its lively, corny and very creative indeed.

Phuket is known and loved (or hated) all over the world. It’s probably the most busy and touristic island in all of Thailand. But this of course of a reason. Phuket is a mix of beautiful beaches surrounded by calm blue ocean with some fine diving and snorkeling and each of the small towns on the island offer a wide range of entertainment. Whether you like markets, quiet bars or big night clubs, you can find it here.

The biggest, most famous and most crowded town on the island is Patong. The beach used to be amazing. Unfortunately used to is the word here. Even though there are not as many umbrellas and sun beds (the government banded these after the coup) on the beach anymore, it’s lacking a bit of charm. The vibe and the night life, not to miss, is definitely here. Lots of markets, big shopping centers and many bars. Head down to Bangla Road for a crazy all-nighter but keep in mind that this is also where you will find the lady bars and prostitutes.

If you are searching for a place with a fine golden sand beach and still wants some nightlife as well, Karon is the place to go. Clear waters and plenty of palm trees invites to spend a day on the beach. Be aware, that the waters sometimes can get a bit rougher here than on the other beaches. The evenings and nights can be spent shopping at the markets or sipping a cocktail or cold beer at one of cosy bars.

A bit south of Karon you will find Kata. A very popular spot among families and Scandinavians. 2 beaches to choose from and both of them long and beautiful with clear and calm waters. The town is lined with restaurants and you will find both small local ones and bigger Scandinavian ones if you are craving them meat balls from back home. You can also find small markets and shopping here, but it’s much smaller than in the above two towns.

Kamala has a stunning beach and a quiet town. It’s north of the other towns and it’s definitely more laidback here. The beach is also more quiet and child friendly as well as you will find a small walking street to do your shopping. Nothing much happens in the town but the few bars and restaurants. On Fridays they have a night market which brings everything a bit more to life.

One of the most quiet and less touristic places in Phuket is Bangtao. A long and wide beach with soft and white sand. Beachfront restaurants and village life is what you will spend your nights exploring.

Behind the crowded Phuketbeaches, Phuket Town is worth an exploration with its local ambience and wooden houses, and nice architecture. The beach is a drive away and therefore not many tourist stay here – which gives you an even more local feel.

But Phuket is more than just beach life. Phuket FantaSea, a fun water world, island jumping or a snorkel or diving trip to find Nemo and a cute shark. Or visit the gibbon rehabilitation centre. So many things to do, so little time to do it.

Tours from Phuket


Khao Sok National Park Camping (3 Days)

The Andaman Coast South (Thailand)From THB 14,200.00


Khao Sok Tree House and Lake Explorer (3 Days)

The Andaman Coast (Thailand)From THB 19,210.00


Khao Sok Bamboo Hut and Lake Explorer (3 Days)

The Andaman Coast (Thailand)From THB 8,690.00


Family Khao Sok National Park Explorer (3 Days)

South ThailandFrom THB 14,250.00


Khao Sok Elephants & Lake Explorer (3 Days)

South ThailandFrom THB 12,800.00

Accommodation in Phuket


Dewa Phuket

PhuketFrom THB 4,200.00


Limburi Hometel

PhuketFrom THB 1,350.00


Fin Hostel

PhuketFrom THB 400.00


Sino House Patong

PhuketFrom 4,200.00


Andaman Bangtao Bay Resort

PhuketFrom THB 3,250.00


Kata Palm Resort & Spa

PhuketFrom THB 2,100.00



PhuketFrom THB 3,900.00


Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

PhuketFrom THB 6,450.00